Top Five TV Dogs of all Time


Television remains the most effective medium of communication and advertisement across the globe. In today’s fast growing and changing world, TV viewership still has a noticeable count.

Dogs are among the adorable creatures shown on TV screens. Dogs have become a part of many families so it’s no surprise they are also popular in TV shows. Let’s start with some of the best dogs that appeared on the TV.

Eddie (Frasier)

Cover of entertainment weekly

The dog Eddie also known as Moose, was born in Florida in 1990. TV channel NBC broadcasted the sitcom Frasier that had a popular character Martin Crane. His beloved pet in that particular show was named Eddie. This dog was not merely a character but with its impeccable execution of tricks he became famous in no time.

This dog was selected for the role of Frasier only after a training of six months. He was trained by a trainer named MathildaDeCagny. Eddie suffered from different diseases like dementia and passed away at the age of 16 in 2006.

There is also a calendar that is officially associated with Eddie. An autobiography by the title of “My Life as a Dog” also covers the life of Eddie. Apart from several TV appearances, Eddie was also part of magazine covers.

Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

Brian griffin

Brian was considered to be one of the funniest dogs. Since its launch, the show Family Guy remained mainstay for Fox channel. The main reason behind its popularity was arguably Brian. The dog was so famous that once after he was killed in the show, he had to be brought back to life.

The fictional character of Brian Griffin was portrayed as white Labrador. The dog Brian was one of the main characters of The Family. He was voiced by Seth himself. Brian was also considered to be the biggest merchandise character of the show Family Guy.

RinTinTin (The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin)

Rin tin tin postcard

The German Shepherd by the name of Rin Tin Tin held a successful film career before appearing on the TV screen. Rin tin tin became popular after the launch of The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin in 1950.

A lot of training training and practice was involved before making an appearance on the TV. An interesting fact about Rin Tin Tin is that it was rescued by a soldier after World War –I. It was nicknamed as “Rinty” by that soldier. The soldier named Lee Duncan later trained this dog for films.



Scooby-Doo is one of the most interesting cartoon characters. His silly acts and responses still entertain us. Whether he is suffering from hunger or scared of a ghost, he always stood by his friend’s side. He is the true example of phrase Man’s best friend.

Scooby-Doo was broadcasted on CBS network in 1969. Later it was moved to the ABC network, which canceled it in 1985. It was also recreated for Cartoon network and was presented from 2010 to 2018.


Her name is actually considered a domestic and familiar name due to the popularity and connection she made with the viewers. Her role was of saving her master Timmy from wells and she performed this task with responsibility.  The trainer involved during show was Rudd Weatherwax.

Apart from TV show, Lassie continued to appear on Television for the promotion of different Pet foods. Lassie is also a part of Pet Care TV show. According to the writer Nigel Clark, Lassie was originally a crossbreed who saved the life of a sailor in World War-I.

As soldiers came to know about this heartwarming event, they mentioned it repeatedly in front of others including reporters and media personnel. This might be the real reason behind the popularity of Lassie..

Lassie is also very special as far as special honors are concerned. The journal Varietywhich covers show business news, titled Lassie as one of “The 100 icons of the century”. Lassie is the only animal included in this prestigious list. The list of only three animals that are awarded a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame includes the name of Lassie.


Dogs have always been a symbol of loyalty for humans. They are portrayed as an essential member of the family on TV screens as well as in our daily lives. In challenging times like current days, it is very important to take care of them in the same way as we care for our family members. There are many options regarding Dog’s safety and their wellbeing. There are a lot of antioxidants available which can be utilized for the better health of dogs.