Top 5 TV Pets of All Time

There are so many famous and well-known TV shows which remained on the scene of the media industry over time. Presence of animals has remained an important aspect of TV sitcoms and shows.

The presence of animals make TV shows more natural and relatable. There are several animal characters which even made TV shows reach the new heights of fame and popularity.

From fluffy dogs to cute cats and from naughty monkeys to faithful horses, every pet has its touch of appreciation associated with it that increases the number of viewership.

Following are considered as the top five Television Pets of all time:

Marcel (Friends)

Marcel was a monkey that appeared in the popular TV show Friends. Marcel made its first entry in the 10th episode which aired on channel NBC. The character of Ross played by David Schwimmer was accompanied by Marcel.

Marcel disappeared into the city after appearing in the show. Later, when animal police were contacted it was revealed that Marcel being an exotic animal cannot be kept in the city area. After some time when Marcel got mature, it was handed over to the zoo administration.

After being stolen Marcel then appeared into the world of show business. He was also featured in a movie in New York, which is considered as the last reunion with Marcel. His appearance in the show made many people wish to have monkey as a pet.

Salem (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

The comic book by the name of Sabrina the Teenage Witch featured Salem Saberhagen. Salem was a witch who was converted into a black cat as a result of wishing to conquer the world.

This punishment was given to her for a period of 100 years by the witch.

Earlier, the role of Salem was presented by an orange color cat that could not speak. Later in the 1990s after sitcom became successful, the whole idea of Salem’s representation was revamped.

All the comics depicting Salem, gave him more or less the same backstory which is inspired by Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In a few, Salem behaved more like a cat rather than a human.

Ghost (Game of Thrones)

People who have not read the novel, The Song of Ice and Fire written by Geaorge R. R Martin don’t have a clear idea about the importance of dire wolf. Among all the famous houses depicted in fantasy series Game of Thrones, children of the house of starks gave extra significance to dire wolves.

They kept these dire wolves as their protectors. Matching to the expectations associated with all of them, one of them known as Ghost saved the life of his owner Jon Snow on several occasions.

He has extremely red eyes due to being an albino.

He saved important characters like SamwellTarly and others and also made many cruel attacks unsuccessful, which were initiated against the House of Stark and its members. All the other dire wolf puppies died but Ghost survived till the last season of this popular series



Her name is actually considered as a domestic and familiar name due to the popularity and connection she has with the viewers. Her role was of saving her master Timmy from wells and she performed this task with responsibility.

The trainer involved during the show was Rudd Weatherwax. Apart from the TV show, Lassie continued to appear on Television for promoting different Pet foods. Lassie is also a part of Pet Care TV show.

According to the writer Nigel Clark, Lassie was originally a crossbreed who saved the life of a sailor in World War-I. As soldiers came to know about this heartwarming event, they mentioned it repeatedly in front of others including reporters and media personnel. So this could be the real reason behind the popularity of Lassie.

Lassie is also very special as far as special honors are concerned. The journal Varietywhich covers show business news, titled Lassie as one of “The 100 icons of the century”. Lassie is the only animal included in this prestigious list. The list of only three animals that are awarded a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame includes Lassie.

Santa’s Little Helper (The Simpsons)

Santa’s Little Helper

The Simpsons is known as one of the most famous animated TV shows. It features the character of Santa’s little helper. He was a greyhound who was kept as a pet by the Simpsons family. This dog was disowned by his master after losing a race in one of the episodes of series. Simpsons family adopted it and started keeping Santa’s little helper in the house.

The character of Santa’s little helper was initially voiced by Frank Welker, later the voice was replaced by Dan Castellaneta. The episodes focusing on Santa’s little helper are related to real life. The events in those episodes were experienced by staff members of the show

His name is included among the 50 greatest TV animals. He is also frequently represented in merchandise related to the popular The Simpsons show like shirts, video games etc.


Pets play a vital role in our household activities and lifestyle.  Although their  training is a tough job, it becomes easier with time as pets start learning about their owners and their lifestyle.

According to research, people who have Pets in their homes feel less depressed and are less likely to become homesick. They also visit doctors less frequently as compared to others, and tend to live a happier life. Pets are also very beneficial in the development of a child and his or her ability to learn.

Keeping all these factors in mind, if one does not have a pet, watching them on the TV compensates for it to some extent, allowing viewers to connect to the pet stories. It encourages viewers to show empathy towards pets and every living thing. Many people use pets and funny television sitcoms featuring pets as a therapy for their patients.