Top Five TV Moms of all Time


Sometimes we forget about the most cherished blessings of our lives. As Rudyard Kipling said, “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers.”

It is a matter of great dignity to remember and respect mothers and mother-like figures. The role of Moms being played on television even teaches us life lessons that can make our lives much better. They are maybe not based upon reality but the moral lessons one can get from these characters of TV Moms can be life-changing.

The list below includes the Top five TV Moms over the years that left an everlasting impact on the audience.

Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch)

Carol Brady

Carol Brady is arguably the best TV Mom of all time. She held such an iconic and understanding nature that she was always ready to listen and give advice to her children. She dd not only possessed a soft-hearted personality, but also knew how to change the behavior as and when required.

Florence Henderson was the lady who played this iconic character. She had three daughters to raise in the TV series by the name of The Brady Bunch. She was portrayed as a liberated Mom who chose to take her life decisions in her own hands.

In The Brady Bunch show, her role was that of a house wife but later in the sequel she turned into Real escae agent by making a home office out of boy’s old room.

In the year 2019, Yahoo declared Carol Brady to be among the top 10 TV Moms from six decades of Television. She was also honored by Film.comby putting her name in the list of Top Five Classic Moms.

Marrion Cunningham (Happy Days)

Marrion Cunningham

A popular and strong character of Mom played in the sitcom Happy Days was Marrion Cunningham. The woman named Marion Rose played this character and made it one of the most unforgettable characters.

The character of Marrion along with two other roles was the only one that stayed till season 11 of the sitcom. During the season, Marrion also went to jail once for crashing an automobile owned by family. Marrion Cunningham was a typical housewife and her routine revealed the same about her in the sitcom.She was also referred to as “Mrs. C” in the show by the friends of her son.

Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)

Claire Huxtable

This challenging role was played by PhyliciaRashad. The role of Claire was written down as an up-gradation of 1950s Mom in the 1980s. Claire Huxtable was managing the household efficiently while working as a successful lawyer. She was also the mother of five children in the show.

She was considered to be the Television’s first working mother which inspired a lot of women. The impact of her role was so profound that the change in behaviors of working women started to be termed as “Claire Huxtable effect”.

One of the scenes including Claire, which was termed as a “feminist rant” by media, got so famous that it was circulated on the social media and internet even after 30 years of its initial appearance.

She combined her straightforwardness with loving nature which made her an effective mom for her children. Claire Huxtable was definitely in charge of the house in the show. She was referred to as one of the most loving mothers in the history of television.

June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver)

June Cleaver

June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver was featured as one of the most important characters in the show titled ” Leave It to Beaver“.She had two sons by the name of Wally and Beaver.The character of June Cleaver was honored as one of the Top 10 TV moms during six decades of television from 1957-1963.

July was a woman whose life was dedicated to her family. She also used to attend social events like weddings, school shows and meetings. She was considered as formal in her dressings and appearance most of the times on the show. One important point of observation is that June Cleaver was seen wearing a necklace in every scene of the show, even while gardening. Later in the show, four grandchildren of June were also introduced the storyline progressed.

Donna Stone (The Donna Reed Show)

Donna Stone

The character of Dona Stone, a typical middle-class Mom was played by Dona reed. She was the middle-class woman who had two sons to raise. Dona was not as typical as she was supposed to be. She was also seen as a working nurse on the show. Dona stone was married at the age of 18 and since then was living with her husband.Dona also liked to participate in events which involved community and group work.


It is almost impossible to think about concept of life and happiness without moms. All these characters of Television Moms being played by various artists tell the same story i.e. the importance of moms in a family and their huge impact on the society.

Mothers play an integral role in the development of children at home. Unfortunately, many people representing the modern generation and male gender are unaware of the struggle and hardships they face to raise us. Moms always keep monitoring to ensure our security and safety, whether we are inside or outside the house.

Moms are central functioning unit of homes and their role often under estimated. For supporting us from baby crib to every stage of life, they deserve more respect, more appreciation and more care from all of us.