Top Five TV Dads of all Time


The role of Dads is of great importance not only in our real lives but also on the TV screen. The vital role of Dad depicts responsibility, care and guidance. Dads are important for mental as well as physical being of a child irrespective of their gender. In popular Television series and shows, movies and short skits, dads always play a vital role.

Although the character of a dad is mostly underestimated, looking over the years there are some TV Dads which left a lasting impression on viewers. Based on the popularity and ratings earned by these shows, they still are alive in the memories of people.

Following are considered as the top five Dads of all time on Television

John Walton Sr. (The Waltons)

The 1970s TV show The Waltons from the classic era features the fatherly character of John Walton. He was the head of the family leading Walton’s clan. This iconic role was played by Ralph Waite. His character was of a worker at the mill, who worked to earn bread and butter for his family. His family was suffering from hopelessness and the aftermath of a war. Despite these hardships John Walton Sr. stayed calm and kept on providing total support to his family.

Tim Taylor (Home Improvement)

Tim Taylor was not a man who was good at fixing things, however, his parenting skills as a father were fairly good. Tim believed he was very knowledgable about electronics and mechanics. However, he always used to do blunders like forgetting important instructions, doing unnecessary modifications and reaching false conclusions.

Tim was so much possessive about his tools that once he said he likes to be buried with them. The role of his neighbor Wilson also played an important role in shaping his character. Tim being the Dad, also knew the prerequisites of being the “Man in the house”.

Charles Ingals (Little House of Prairie )

Charles Ingals was better known as “Pa” by the fans of the little house and had five children. The series Little House of Prairie was an adaptation of a series of books titled Little House. Inglas was considered the best dad to go for sage advice. He was a trustworthy person and possessed a lively tone of communication, which was a bonus in his character.

Ingals developed himself as a hunter-tapper along with being a carpenter and a farmer. He also played violin which showed that he has a taste for music. Michael Landon was the man who played the character of Ingals. Despite women being in large numbers at that household, the father Ingals showed his care and generosity towards the whole family without any bias. He is also remembered as a cool dad for giving nicknames like ” half pint “.

Howard Cunningham ( Happy Days)

Howard Cunningham was believed to be the best representation of an all American Dad. He was known as a father who loved his family a lot. He was featured in a show named Happy days, which was created by Garry Marshall and was one of the most popular shows of the 1970s.

Tom Bosley was the man who played the role of Cunningham, a father who was a wise person owning a business dealing with hardware materials. Reading newspapers daily in his comfy chair was his habit, while he also played golf. Howard was among the two characters who appeared in every episode of the show Happy Days.

Michael Kayle (My Wife and Kids )

Michael Kayle as a Dad was featured in a series named “My Wife and kids” which was premiered on ABC network. Michael as a dad was so funny that there were only five seasons of this particular series, but his character received phenomenal appreciation during this short time.

Michael Kayle was the head of the family and he introduced a new modern way of parenting known as “Michael Kayle Signature Moments”. This method intended to make his kids believe that they have done something wrong, so that he could teach them a life lesson.


Dads are an integral part of any family. Their love and affection play an effective role in the lives of their children. Dads are also the role models in the form of leaders and family heads. From taking Jogging strollers to setting outdoor propane fire pits , it is Dads who show responsibility for the family.

Their actions and responses shape up the personalities of all the family members. The important traits which a Dad owns or should own include:


How much a Dad is connected with his kids and how children interact with him. Research suggests that children with engaged fathers have less or no levels of stress and anxiety.


The availability and presence of a Dad in home and the amount of time he gives to his children on daily basis. The more time he spends with the family, the more comfortable and expressive the children are going to be.


The main role of a Dad is to acknowledge the responsibility for arranging all the resources his family needs. Dads should be able to adhere to this role and provide every possible opportunity to meet their needs for their better grooming and upbringing.