Top 5 Paintings to Present to Your Boss

The relationship between the boss and the subordinate is always a sweet and sour one. Though it’s often deemed to be a strictly professional relationship in a workspace guarded by the rules of the business and work ethics, it’s good to go the extra mile and give this relationship a personal touch and  you likely want to go beyond your own interest in arts and crafts.

And what better a way to do this, than to present a beautiful and apt oil painting reproduction to your boss! Oil Paintings are often considered to be the best expression of a subtle message of admiration. You never know the degree of impact that piece of art can leave on the other person, and where it might find a connection!

Whether you are trying to impress your boss, or making up for a blunder you made at work, or genuinely wanting to appreciate him, here we have 5 ideas of oil painting as a gift.

1.     The Wanderer above the Mists 1817-18 by Caspar David Friedrich

What can be your purpose in giving an oil painting as a present to your boss? Making your boss happy, right? Or maybe, pampering his/her ego, and giving away all the bossy feels! Well, if that’s the case, then this painting would serve the purpose best! The sheer image of a larger-than-life, confident and upright persona rising above the mist and facing the world is enough to make your boss feel great.

That’s not all! A look at the painting would act as a rush of confidence, and your boss would thank you for that! The painting also reflects your high regard for your boss, your admiration, and your confidence in your leader.

2.     Impression Sunrise by Claude Oscar Monet

Monet Impression Sunrise

Impression Sunrise is a beautifully conceptualized landscape painting by the famous artist Claude Oscar Monet. The perfect blend of bright colors that the masterwork encompasses, it is just what one needs to lift the spirits in a stressful or unpleasant situation.

Moreover, the painting blends well with a corporate or a homely setting, and will surely grow close to your boss’s heart, wherever it is put. So if you are looking for light-hearted, endearing and pleasant oil painting as a gift for your boss, this one can be a great choice.

3.     Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David

Napoleon Jacques Louis David

Napoleon Crossing the Alps’ is a famous piece of art, and one of the finest arts of its times, which has attained a cult status over the years. And even better, the aesthetics and the message of the painting make it a perfect oil painting as a present from a subordinate to the boss.

This handmade artwork depicts a passionate image of Napoleon the Great crossing the mighty Alps during the Great St. Bernard Pass in May 1800. The painting beams in abundance the virtues of leadership, courage, and conviction – all that your boss possesses.

P.S. There is a total of 5 variations to the painting, and you can choose the color scheme and aesthetics best suited to your boss.

4.     Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

Mona Lisa Leonardo Da Vinci

Well, Mona Lisa certainly does not need any introduction. In fact, this widespread popularity, recognition, and acceptance of the finest art are exactly what make it an apt painting to be presented to your boss.

It is yet another fact that every single person dreams of owning a reproduction of Mona Lisa and putting it across the most prominent wall of the office, at least once in their life. So why not you be the medium of fulfilling your boss’s this hidden desire? There are no prizes for guessing how gifting a Mona Lisa to your boss can put you in the good books, instantly!

5.     Antibes Seen From the Salis Gardens2 by Claude Oscar Monet

Antibes Seen From the Salis Gardens2 by Claude Oscar Monet

There are a few paintings that have the potential of completely transforming the aura of the room that they are put in. This is one such handmade artwork. Whether it is put in an office, at home, or in a lobby, the sheer brilliance of the art never fails to capture the attention.

If you want to play it safe and are looking for something that will surely impress your boss, this one can be the best choice! Gift a reproduction of ‘Antibes Seen from the Salis Gardens’ to your boss, and see the magic.

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Given the relevance and the potential of a good oil painting in striking the chord with the boss, do not think twice before gifting him one. Find an occasion, choose your favorite piece from the list above, and gift one to your boss, right away! You can explore more oil painting reproductions here and get the one that not only adorns the wall where it’s hung but also complement your boss.