Writing services: Light at the end of the academic tunnel

Light at the end of the academic tunnel

Ghost-writing or writing services have always been in demand, but over the last couple of years, it has gained large popularity converting it into a prolific and lucrative business with the best minds behind the scenes. Writing services is a professional approach to help or provide writing assistance to scholars, students, doctors in their quest to submit a well-researched and well-detailed research paper, which reinforces their chances of getting accepted easily for further review and grading. 

These writing services do all the hard work for you and enable you to buy a research paper basis your topic making this service highly demandable among the students and Ph.D. pursuers. But before we can go into specifying what kind of services can be availed under this domain, let’s understand a few basic concepts, often mistaken pertaining to the general topic of dissertation.

But before we go deep into the subject, let’s understand the definition of dissertation

definition of dissertation

A dissertation is a well-structured and well -researched project report that revolves around a particular topic and needs to be submitted by postgraduate or graduate students, usually as a part of their curriculum. Dissertation topics demand original ideas inspired by other ideas and carry a part of grading and percentage appliable for the curriculum.

Importance of dissertation

The dissertation is perhaps the only single most important piece of work that is assigned to a student that he has to complete entirely on his initiative with the criteria of being the most original piece of work. This student is usually free to choose his topic and thus is tested based on his research and presentation skills

Let’s take a look at the general format of the dissertation before we go deep into the subject;


Conclusions and Extra Sections

Conclusions and Extra Sections

1. A Research proposal should state hat you’re expected to do in the dissertation and consists of a title (that is related, background (a short review on what all you will be covering), and finally, what conclusion you are expecting out of the research.

2. The introduction is the section where you will introduce your topic and the various segments attached to it. This section will tell the reader what to expect out of the research and what all have been included, section-wise into the dissertation

3. A literature review is a process of introducing the research materials that were referred to while completing your dissertation. It means introducing and submitting the list of research materials that were surveyed and referred for the research

4. The methodology is the philosophical concepts that are underpinning to the topic chosen either quantitatively or qualitatively or under both.

5. Results and discussion This section where the results of the research are narrated with some scope for discussion in favor of or against the topic.

6. The conclusion is the sections where the findings of the research are stated basis the topic and his independent views on the topic. 

Now that we know how to approach any topic of a dissertation to let’s look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Dissertation so that you don’t end up making any grave mistakes.

Do's and Don'ts


  1. Proper research

  2. Descriptive introduction of the topic

  3. Methodologies used and applied

  4. Acknowledgment to your mentor

  5. Thorough proofreading


  1. No content should be repeated. It can be reworded to emphasize a point, but avoiding prepetition is the golden rule.

  2. Avoid using too much statistics as using too many figures might be risky due to variation in numbers

  3. The use of various fonts should be avoided and should be stuck to one kind of font. Uniformity is the key

  4. Referencing patter should be either APA style or MLA format but should be continuous and uniform instead of variation. 

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