How to Recycle Your Textbooks and Earn Money

Textbooks and academic books can be costly. We all know that. But if you can get some of your money back, it would be a good deal. The sooner you recycle your textbooks, the better. They can become outdated quickly, and the more relevant they are when you recycle them, the more you can earn money.

Below, we have listed the best options to recycle your textbooks and earn money while doing it.

1. Sell Your textbooks

As said earlier, textbooks are expensive. According to the College Board, you can spend more than $1,200 a year on books. You cannot avoid it, but you can get a good part of your money back.

The interesting thing about books is that while mobile devices and other technological gadgets decrease in value, books do not. You can sell your textbooks online for at least 70% of the book’s original price. However, remember that you have to keep the book in good condition to increase its value.

You can sell your textbooks on various platforms such as, Amazon,, etc. You can even use your social media platform like Facebook to sell your books. You have to do a bit of research to post them in the right group.

2. Trade Your Textbooks

Are you not interested in selling your textbooks? You can trade your books for a different textbook instead. You can post it online and request the item you want. It can be another book you will need for next semester or anything.

However, in trading textbooks, one crucial factor is communication. You have to be on-point with your details and proactively searching for potential traders. Websites like Student2Student can help you get in touch with students who may have the book you want.

Sometimes, trading can be more profitable than selling if you can trade your book for a more costly book. However, it requires more time to trade compared to selling your textbooks.

3. Use Facebook Groups

Facebook is a massive marketplace where you can sell your books. You can find Facebook groups of students who take the same courses as you. You can narrow your demographics and find the exact individuals (ideal market) who will be interested in your textbooks.

So if you want to sell your books for money, we recommend Facebook. You can sell your books in bulk and get rid of any third parties. If you have a college Facebook group, you can sell your books to college students and avoid postage fees.


Suppose you want the best place to sell your textbooks and earn money; follow this guide and use it as a head start. If you are not interested in selling your books for cash, you can always donate them. There are numerous organizations such as Salvation Army and Goodwill that will accept your books.