Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand

Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, New Zealand

There are a lot of amazing places in this world which are worth seeing. One of those mesmerizing places is New Zealand, comprised of two islands namely North Island and South Island. It is a matter of great wonder how a small country like New Zealand has so much to offer as … Read more

Top 5 Craziest Rock Hairstyles of All Time

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Style

Rock stars and rock music history have given us some crazy hairstyles so far, and will probably continue to do so in the future. At times, it was almost like a rock music career required one to get the most eye-catching and jaw-dropping hairstyle possible and then use a lot of hair … Read more

The Best Tech and Cyber Movies of All Time

international space station

Introduction It can be painful to watch a movie that gets something wrong you are very familiar with. That’s probably the reason why people doing certain jobs usually don’t watch movies related to their line of work. Same is true for technology movies. All tech movies are not created equal and the … Read more

Top 5 Episodes of Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Home Improvement was a 1990s TV show that went to air on September 17th, 1991. After successfully running for eight whole seasons, it came to an end on May 25th, 1999. Matt Williams, David McFadzean and Carmen Finestra were the creators of the show. Anyone who watched the show in the 90s … Read more

Top 10 Mountains Almost Anyone Can Conquer

beautiful view of mount fiji

Introduction When we talk about great mountains, names such as Mount Everest and K-2 usually come to mind. However, there are plenty of great summits that anyone with a decent level of fitness can conquer. Instead of the highest and the most challenging mountains, this post focuses on the top 10 mountains … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Angle Grinders

angle grinder cutting a piece of steel

Angle grinders, also known as disc grinders, are portable power tools that are designed for polishing and grinding. They are used in various fields and industries, including construction, metalworking, and emergency rescue. Angle grinders come in various varieties in terms of shapes, working, and power sources. An angle grinder may be powered … Read more