How To Choose The Right Knives For Your Kitchen

Knives play the role of an essential kitchen tool. Like every other sector where the basic equipment takes on a dominating role, knives are very important and perhaps form the base of all kitchen cutleries.

A young cook’s training takes off with a good knife in their hands. We all know that cooking is a type of art, and no one in their right frame of mind would want it to go haywire. Knives make the whole process of cooking very easy as it helps you precisely chop off the veggies for the desired dishes.

Culinary tools like knives are a great investment as they are one of your trusted companions in the whole journey of unleashing your cooking talent. So it is equally pertinent to have more than just a vegetable knife in your collection of kitchen tools.

For most of the people, a common question that boils down while choosing kitchen essentials is how to choose the right kind of knives for the kitchen. In this blog below, we will help you take through a journey that will surely make a pro while buying knives.

What Are The Various Considerations Before Purchasing A Kitchen Knife?

As with any other thing, before purchasing a kitchen knife, various considerations ought to be made. You are starting from the basic ones as in the kind of the knife for the dishes you want to prepare, the size of the knife, the material of the blade, and the sharpness of the knife.

While the design and the material are that of an archaic one, a kitchen knife, without doubt, is an indispensable tool. Therefore, while investing in a good knife, one shall also take into account the quality, how it feels in hand, the quality of the steel, and what shall be done to maintain its sharpness.

How to Choose A Right Knife For Your Kitchen?

  • Blades Length and Width: Blade length and thickness play a major role in carrying out all the activities in a kitchen. If your knife has a wider blade, then it is more suitable for chopping vegetables and fruits. Similarly, narrow blades are more preferred for cutting meat and not for fast chopping.
  • Sharpness Of A Knife: For basic cutting sharpness of a knife really matters a lot. The blades of this type of knife that are usually thinner can be used in filleting fish, cutting off bones in meat, and so on. For more difficult tasks, a knife with a thicker blade is more appropriate.
  • The material of Knife: Nowadays, most of the knives available in the market are that of stainless steel quality. But did you know these are not a safe option in any way? If you want to settle down for a stainless steel knife than always, go for the ones with very less amount of chromium in it. Also, steel knives with a very high content of Carbon remain sharp for a long time.

Types of Knives Needed In Kitchen:

Apart from a versatile santoku knife, there are many other kinds of knives that shall be stocked in your kitchen. They are as follows:

  • Paring Knife: It is a small knife with a blade that does not exceed more than 4 inches. The prime reason to have this knife in your kitchen is for chopping and peeling veggies and fruits.
  • Serrated knife: A serrated knife is used to cut tomatoes. These knives are sharper and thus are used for soft foods such as pastries and bread.
  • Cleaver: This knife is used to cut bones and even mincing meat. This particular knife is also used for julienning and slicing.
  • Fillet Knife: The last variety of knives to be in your kitchen is the fillet knife that is mostly used for cleaning the meat from the bone.


Hence, this above-mentioned guide is here to offer you the right assistance all about while choosing the right knives needed in the kitchen. Whatever you choose, always remember to keep the knives sharp as they can help in curbing down pressure on the hands. And if you have just one knife in your kitchen, then always settle for the ones that have a sturdy grip than for your food prep needs in general.