Storage Tips for CBD Oil for Cats

The miraculous substance cannabidiol can be found on the market in various forms. It is equally effective and safe to use in both humans and animals. This hemp derivative can be applied for a variety of medical purposes. The liquid form of cannabidiol is most suitable for animals, especially cats.

If your feline is prone to stress or is hyperactive, it’s good always to have CBD edibles or a bottle of hemp-derived oil with you. This product does not cost much, and for the price you pay, you get a lot. Although an unopened container can last a long time, you should not buy large stocks of CBD oil. Keep open bottle under certain conditions, and always give your cat a fresh dose of cannabidiol.

Tips on cannabidiol ingestion in cats find below:

Provide Heat Protection

Heat is the biggest enemy of cannabidiol. In sealed bottles, the tolerance of the hemp-derived contents to high temperatures is higher. But once you open the container, you must take care that it is not exposed to the sunlight and direct heat sources.

An open bottle should be kept in a dark place. It does not have to be a closed shelf, but make sure the site mustn’t get too much heat and light. Do not keep cat hemp products near radiators, air conditioners, windows, or even in cars. It is best not to keep the bottle in overheated rooms to ensure that liquid cannabidiol retains its freshness.

To avoid decomposition of CBD, pet care brands pack the oil in well-sealed and airtight bottles. Oxygen affects the stability of cannabidiol molecules, and this process is known as oxidative stress. It is not advisable to keep this product close to air flows. Make sure you seal the bottle well after use.

Fridge Can Do

The fridge seems like an ideal dark and cold place to store CBD pet oil. Yet, it is unnecessary to keep the bottle there if the room air temperature is not too high. But if you live in a hot climate area, a cooler is the best option to preserve any hemp-based product.

If you keep CBD oil for your cat in the refrigerator, take it out from time to time, even if you are not using it. Shake the bottle a little so that the oil does not thicken too much. The storage time of liquid cannabidiol in the fridge should not be too long. The contents can take on the smell of food and become unusable.

Avoid Transparent Containers

Avoid Transparent Containers

In addition to heat, cannabidiol is also sensitive to sunlight. The sun’s rays contain a full spectrum of colors. Some of them you see and some you don’t. These invisible rays, known as ultraviolet and infrared rays, can damage CBD oil. This radiation breaks down cannabidiol molecules.

Artificial light is not too harmful to the contents of CBD oil bottles. But artificial light can create heat, which also harms cannabidiol molecules. When buying CBD for your cat, always look for it in opaque, glass containers. The colored glass will more or less reduce the passage of light.

Keep Bottles High

Find a place in your home that is not easily accessible to kids and pets, and place a bottle of CBD oil. This shelf or cupboard must meet the above conditions in terms of temperature and light. But first, it must be high enough (or hidden) to protect the CBD oil from curious and restless tiny hands (and claws).

Liquid cannabidiol is a plant-based substance with no synthetic substances added. That makes it quite safe to use. If you read pet cannabinoid oil info, you know that even the aromas added to CBD oil for your pet, are harmless.

That’s good to know in case your kid decides to ‘try’ CBD oil. Apart from the not very pleasant taste and vomiting that it can cause, cannabidiol has no adverse effects on children’s health. But just in case, don’t leave any hemp-derived product at their fingertips.

CBD oils are used in cats as additional remedies in the treatment of many diseases. Still, the use of this product is more frequent as a mild sedative. Just a few drops of liquid cannabidiol can soothe and relax your furry buddy in no time. Keep this oil fresh and well-stored to provide your feline with its high healing potency.