What is a class c motorhome?

Class C motorhomes are recreational vehicles designed to help RVers have the feel of driving a real truck. It was designed to be more compact than the Class A counterpart.

Class C motorhome takes the form of a bus-style model, featuring beautiful engineering designs, a truck chassis, and a cab section.

By token of this, drivers do not have to attach this recreational vehicle to cars and SUVs like the other smaller counterparts. Compared with the much bigger counterpart, it is sizable, compact and mini, so it also offers a more luxurious and enjoyable experience.

Variations of motorhomes

While Class C motorhomes are designed to have a van frame, manufacturers vary the design in a somewhat different manner, hence offering various options for RVers.

For example, the C+version is similar to the class C motorhomes in many ways, only that it looks more like a large Ford while missing the van chassis.

Some manufacturers also try to make this category of motorhomes more accommodating by expanding the interior space. They also incorporate features like multiple slide-outs, a larger floor plan, and more inbuilt variations into its design to make life easier for campers.

Some of the in-built variations present in class C motorhomes are engine power, wheelbase, and the chassis’ capacity for the multiple versions existing at the moment.

All of these can be viewed on ZeRVs.com, an online platform that allows the display of both new and used variations of recreational vehicles from multiple dealers. So, interested buyers can easily make their selections.

The primary feature of class c motorhome

Class C motorhome has the necessary travel essentials present in every other kind of motorhome to its name. It features a living area and a luxurious kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator. The dining area, storage tanks of water, and waste are also incorporated into the design.

The bathroom also has a shower sink and a toilet. The storage compartment and living area are large enough to accommodate a whole family to seven, together with their properties.

The television in the Class C motorhome is slightly different from that of other motorhomes as it is built to be behind the cockpit or on the side of the living area.

These features vary from one model to the other depending on the designs reeled out by manufacturers of RVs; hence, it is essential to check out the features before making your purchase. Zervs.is a trusted and tested e-commerce platform that allows you to check out different makes of motorhomes, and the elements present in each.

Class c motorhome: size

A class C motorhome is a smaller and more compact version of a Class A. They have the same shape, but the weight of the mini-motorhome is between 9,000 and 12,000 pounds.

They measure between 20 to 28 feet in length. This is much smaller than the 40 feet length of the Class A motorhome. The standard height of the motorhome is also about 10 feet.

Class c motorhome vs. others

If you are familiar with the designs of Class A and B motorhomes, you would expect that a Class C motorhome will probably be a more compact version of Class B. However, this is not the case.

Class A motorhomes are designed to look like giant trucks, specifically those who prefer bigger RVs with massive wheels, and would love to move a larger number of people and goods.

Class B, on the other hand, is more family-friendly as it is designed to accommodate only two or three persons easily. This means couples or friends who plan to have a trip or vacation can use this instead.

Class C motorhome is a middle ground between the previous mentions of RVs. It is not as large as Class A, but not as small as the Class B motorhome. It offers a space that is large enough to accommodate up to seven persons.

The problem that also comes with Class A motorhome is parking. It cannot be easy finding the right parking spot for it due to its size. This is not a problem with a Class C motorhome because the size allows it to be parked easily. More so, the incorporation of a van chassis takes as much space to park as other vehicles.

Class C motorhome offers more comfortable navigation features than the other counterparts. Entry and exit of passengers into a Class C motorhome are also more comfortable because of their closer proximity to the ground. It also has a heat and cooling system that helps regulate the temperature in case of an adverse weather condition.

It is usually challenging to access living areas in trucks that have one, especially while the truck is moving; this is not the case with a Class C motorhome. The living area is designed to be accessible, even while the truck is in motion.

Class C motorhomes have roomy space, basic travel essentials, and a reasonable number of passengers at a time. This makes it an RV of choice for large families that would love to enjoy their camping experience without carrying multiple vehicles.

The other designs that are larger and incorporate larger chassis can even include traveling by boat or a second vehicle, which you can attach to the motorhome and tow it down to your camping location.


The maintenance of a Class C motorhome is similar to that of a van since its structure was more or less incorporated into a van chassis. This means that a truck service center might be needed if any repair is to be done on the engine or the motorhome body.

In all, a class C motorhome should come to mind if you are looking for a sizable recreational vehicle that is compact and relatively comfortable to travel with.

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