Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Tree?

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A cat tree is an artificial structure that is usually made of wood for a cat to play and exercise on. Cat trees are most often covered with a carper or another similar fabric so that the cat is able to scratch on it. Cat trees may have different heights, and cats generally prefer trees that are tall enough to allow them to see the whole environment when they climb on. These constructions are a very useful way to make the cat stop scratching on the furniture in the house. Cat trees may also be equipped with cat toys, sisal ropes, and other cat items that will encourage the scratching on the tree.

The name of the cat trees comes from their similarity to real trees. This construction has some platforms placed at different angles. The platforms help the cat in exercising and support her on her way to the top.

Nowadays, there are many different styles and preparations in cat trees. Some of them are made of wood, others are prepared from aluminum. There are cats trees equipped with bedding condos and viewing perches on the top. In addition, trees with lounging hammocks and different cat toys are also available on the market. The choice is great, and you need to find the cat tree that is perfect for both your cat and you.

Before you choose a cat trees for large cats you should consider your cat’s age, activities, and the environment where you will place the structure. The material of the tree and its construction are of prime importance when you choose the most suitable product. You should consider if your cat will use the tree to scratch on it or will use it as a viewing perch. Scratching is not only used by cats to trim their claws. Scratching is a way for cats to mark their territory. A cat tree is a perfect option to make your cat not scratching on the household furniture. Most cat trees are equipped with scratching posts that are covered with sisal. Also, special integrated padded areas are included in some cat tree models. In addition, most cat trees are covered with carpet or similar soft material that is ideal for scratching.

But we should keep in mind that not all cats enjoy scratching. Some cats just prefer to climb on a high place in the house and stay there. A high cat tree will give your cat the opportunity to perch on top of it and observe the whole environment around. They can use the different perching platforms to play, to relax on them, or to even sleep on them. The height of the cat tree and the number and spacing between the different platforms will depend on the cat’s age, activities, and vitality.

There is a great variety of cat trees with different height, different number of perching platforms, and different construction. If you have more than one cat, you should provide enough space on the tree for all of them. You should also consider all important issues before you choose the cat tree – the age of your cat, the activities the cat likes, does the cat enjoy scratching or just prefer to relax on a high place, what height does the cat-like? You can put sisal ropes and cat toys on the tree in case your cat likes playing with such items. Remember that the main idea of such construction is to provide pleasure to your cat and make the cat happy!

How Cat Trees with Sisal Scratching Posts Work?

People enjoy taking care of their pets to the point that they want to give their pet friends a good lifestyle. There are some pet owners that spend lots of money to spoil their pets with accessories and toys that they will surely enjoy. Since animals do have their own style of living, as the highest thinking creature ever existed, we must understand their needs in able to cope up with their environment. While some animals do not want to cause any harm with our belongings, they still cannot help themselves in doing things that are normal to them. With that, we are the ones that need a complete understanding of the situation.

As an alternative, brilliant minds and people created objects and other accessories that can imitate what most animals destroy without being aware of what they are doing. Nowadays, almost every animal that can be a pet has its own accessories that can be bought by its owner. A great example is with cats. Cats do have a unique behavior when living their everyday lives. They enjoy scratching, which seems to be a part of their everyday routine. It’s pretty much a natural hobby for them. Of course, you do not want your house to be destroyed by your pet cat, so you need to look for an alternative, and that is to purchase cat trees with sisal scratching posts.

Scratching is an unpleasant fact that you cannot avoid. As a good cat owner, you definitely want to see them happy under your care. Scratching is a part of their lives, which also has good effects, such as getting the claws clean and groomed. The catch is, if you do not give your pet cat something to scratch, then you must face the consequences of seeing your furniture damaged. When looking for a scratching post, those that are made with sisal rope material is the most recommended.

So why do cat trees with sisal scratching posts seem very in-demand with the shoppers? Regardless of the more expensive price, sisal scratching posts are still better since you won’t need to buy the same thing over and over again – like what you’re about to do when you purchase a carpet scratching post. Sisal scratching posts last longer than the other one because of its firm material quality, which makes it ideal for you if you want to save some money in the long run. Also, take into consideration its durability. Sisal rope material is a kind of material that cannot be easily worn and torn apart.

In addition, for the final explanation, while you should prefer cat trees that are made with sisal material is that your cats also prefer this kind of accessory. They will love the rough texture of the rope on their cat trees, which can help them maintain their claws good scratching conditions. So if you are looking for the perfect cat tree for your cat, go for the one that can make your pets smile, get one with sisal rope as it will be a great choice for your cats, and for the longevity of your own furniture.