What is Bitmoji and Why Businesses and Individuals Need Them?

Communication is moving to the meta-level, and brands have more and more opportunities to create their own content. Traditional posts and press releases fade into the background. The king of content is the one that triggers the reactions that users talk about, distribute and use. Tests, polls, AR filters, live streams, collaborations and gamification – you need to stand out from the millions of daily attempts by trademarks to communicate in an unusual way.

In this post, we’ll take a look at Bitmoji branded and personalized stickers, and we’ll find out exactly how and why labels need to create them. Also, check out the reasons why Emojino Casino is a big hit to online casino enthusiasts.

What are personal emoticons?

Absolutely all owners of computers and smartphones are familiar with emoji. These pictures have been around for many years and are used daily in our online correspondence. However, a new trend in Internet communication has become “personal emoticons” or Bitmoji.

In essence, these emoticons are animated portraits of users. Sticker packs with your face, your clothes and signature phrases are very popular. Many apps now support emojis, which are mostly emojis, but with more characters. These smiles have become popular in most major social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp that create customized sticker packs.

Briefly about the reasons to create Bitmoji for business:

  1. They improve label awareness and increase user loyalty to it
  2. Allow you to remind yourself additionally
  3. Become an object of UGC – user-generated content.

The dream and goal of every brand is to get directly into the head and heart of the consumer. Starbucks wants to be the third place between work and home for customers, and Coca Cola wants to be associated with special events like Christmas.

Bitmojis help to cope with this goal, because with the help of them, that is, branded content, people express their thoughts.

Two purposes of emojis

Smiles for target audience

To produce stickers that will be used, first of all, you need to analyze your target audience and its insights (the truth about it). You need to understand what potential users of your stickers are talking about and in what situations they will be in the topic.

Employee smiles

To strengthen team spirit and make your own community among employees, you can develop a sticker pack. Employees will use it during their work or even take it with them for daily communication with friends. These stickers can be created by team members who know internal jokes and the most popular sayings of colleagues.

How to make personal emojis: step by step instructions

1. Finding the purpose and idea of design

First of all, you need to understand why your brand needs Bitmojis. There may be various reasons for this:

  • entertain and strengthen the team spirit (for employees);
  • increased engagement (for clients)
  • recognition and strengthening of the trade name image (for potential customers).

2. Choosing emoji

Each sticker has a smiley tied to it. And when a user puts a certain emoji, the social network will offer emojis assigned to him. To use your creator more often, you should choose the most popular emoji among users.

3. Selection of references and creation of images

Corporate emojis must be recognizable, that is, their style must be readable. It can be associated with the style of the label or be just the only consistent one, without being tied to the company’s brand book.

4. Writing texts

When creating signatures for pictures, you should remember your target audience and understand what interests people, what pains they experience, and what statements could emphasize the realities of their life. Your business chips can be turned into words and added.

The only thing to remember is that jokes for a narrow circle should be used only in this circle.

Trademark emojis are always creative + strategy. They should be the focus of your brand’s content. If you want stickers to be used, you need to analyze the target audience, their tone of voice, needs, interests.

It is also worth understanding the purpose – what exactly do you need smilis for. Just as it is important to choose successful messages, it is worth thinking about how to illustrate the sticker pack – in a style close to your brand or simply recognizable. It is equally important to launch the sticker pack on time and not forget about its promotion. You need label content to increase brand awareness and use stickers in business and friendly social media.

Why are personal stickers needed?

  1. Help increase sales through visual communication
  2. Dilute business correspondence with emotions
  3. Cheer up your interlocutors
  4. Cause a wow effect
  5. Increase the loyalty of potential customers
  6. Increase your status
  7. Promote Personal Brand Development
  8. Add exclusivity to your look
  9. Save your time when typing typical phrases
  10. Contribute to an increase in sales by at least 10%

How to create a personal emoji in Bitmoji?

We just want to say that to make a cartoon emoji is much easier than to master the app dev. Bitmoji is one of the most popular modern apps for creating personalized emoticons. The program allows you to make a cartoon version of yourself. The user can then use the picture as their own avatar in a variety of supporting applications.

Users choose Bitmoji for its fairly rich functionality and wide range of sticker customization options. The application even found a place for the branded content of such giant corporations as Adidas, NFL and others.

How to produce stickers in Bitmoji?

  1. The first step is to download the Bitmoji app to your smartphone or tablet.
  2. After launching the app, you will need to log into your Snapchat account and log into Bitmoji. If you have not used Snapchat before, you will have to go through a simple registration.
  3. You can start creating your personal avatar. Bitmoji allows you to adjust even the smallest details – from the choice of eye shade to the color of the sneakers in which you walk.
  4. Scroll through the tabs at the bottom of the screen to personalize your picture step by step.
  5. When the avatar is ready, save it by clicking on the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  6. Now it remains to go to the “Stickers” page in the application. Here, using the search box, you can find ready-made sticker templates in which you substitute your personal avatar.
  7. Ready-made personalized stickers can be sent to any of the offered Bitmoji applications and start using them in personal correspondence.