Top Five Reasons You Need to Get the Best Photo Booth for Hire in Adelaide

Selfies and Instagram stories have been the norm in the  21st Century.  Walk into a party and you will see every teenager with their phone at hand and Instagram notifications popping up all over. It is a bit cliché. Moreover, who wants to have a ‘plain’ party?

Well, you can switch it up by hiring a photo booth, and with their classic appeal, these vintage but high-tech photo vending machines will make your party memorable.  They are the perfect party favor.

If you’re still not sure, here are the top five reasons you need to get Misksa photo booth hire and have them give your party the edge it needs!

Maintain Engagement

Any good events planner will tell you that maintaining engagement at a party can be the most horrifying activities. Your guests are from different walks of life, and since two sides are coming together, it might be difficult for them to mingle freely.

By getting the best photo booth for hire, you can stop worrying and stressing since they are an excellent social catalyst and serve as an interactive activity for your guests to take part in.

Since they are also highly customizable considering the myriad of frames, backdrops and services that they offer, you can make them a useful complementary addition to what you’ve planned.

They make it easy for you to augment the experience of your guests in a way that matches your tastes and preferences while also catering to the guests.


Photo booth hire companies provide you with unlimited photo strips so that your family and friends can go wild if they like. There are also scrapbooking supplies that your guests can add to as they go in a way to make unforgettable memories. At the end of the night, you’ll have a fabulous keepsake.

Moreover, since hosting an event can be like a rollercoaster ride, with highs and lows, you need to have a backup entertainment plan to help keep your guests busy.

A photo booth will do this and more.  From young to old – hiring a photo booth will let your guests go wild with no-one to judge as it’s just them and the booth. All you will need to do is to strike your best pose with one of the quirky hand-held props or movie-themed attire by wearing a costume or even a masquerade mask.

Instant Memories

Are you reminiscing about the good old days? The classy and worthwhile Polaroids with instant memories on the fly?

Photo booths in the 21st Century are the next big thing. In fact, they are way better! Why? Unlike taking pictures with your phone, photo booths offer you unlimited prints, your customized guest book, funny meme props. The older generation can feel young again and the young will get to appreciate the vintage charm they bring.  What more could guests need & for you to have hand copy evidence of the night that was?

Open Air? Enclosed Booth? A GIF Booth? The Options Are Endless

If you are not a social butterfly and prefer a more laid back experience, you can always have the enclosed booth to help bring your alter ego out into the wild.

If you want to have pictures of all the guests in one photo, having the open air photo booth would be the most suitable plan for you.

You even have your photos customized and shared through social media to give your Instagram page a different look. You can also get to have a gif Photobooth if you so wish.

The options are unlimited and out-of-this-world.

Convenient and Customized

Another significant reason for having a photo booth is that they require no effort on your part as your party continues. You will get a professional standing by the Photo Booth the whole time, making sure that things are running seamlessly.

If you are also having a movie-theme or monochrome-themed party, it does not matter what you have in mind, hiring a Photo Booth will ensure that you have a hassle-free time at your party. You won’t have to stress about having a miss-match photo strip!

With designers present to customize your unique theme into a photo template, your strip will be as picture-perfect as the remaining decor. No task is too complicated for an excellent professional. All they will need is your theme necessities and within a few hours, your custom strip will be created.