Tips on Leiebil Kreta

Holidays in Greece are almost unthinkable without visiting one of the many islands. Even though you are on the mainland, you can always come to these Mediterranean gems and spend some time there. Crete is the largest and one of the most famous Greek islands. If the road takes you there, do your best to get to know as much as possible. On this page, you can find some interesting facts on Greek islands.

If you are in Crete for the first time, you are probably located in popular resorts. But this island has so much more to offer. There is the capital Heraklion, the trendy resort Chania places reminiscent of the turbulent history, such as the old town of Rethymnon, Samaria National Park, and many others.

It would take you a while to see all the sights of Crete. Yet, you can make the most of your stay with a good organization. Sure, you can take a bus or a local taxi. But a rental car provides you with more comfort, freedom, and flexibility to manage your stay on this beautiful island.

Rental Requirements

People over 21 can rent a car in Crete, but they might pay some extra fee if they’re younger than 25. Also, they should have a license for a year. If you have an international driving permit, it’s important to have it with you. It ‘translates’ your US license to European standards and laws. Get it at the nearest county before your trip, and you’re good to go.

Shop Around

Greece’s major towns and popular islands have car rental agencies that provide different vehicles. Depending on your needs, you can rent a small passenger car, SUV or sedan, or a larger vehicle for a longer trip with other passengers. Also, you can opt for an automatic or a manual model, depending on your driving style, skills, and experience.

A small or compact car with a manual transmission is the best option for touring Crete. There you have mountains, uphills, and busy coastal roads, so small vehicles are great to move around. SUVs will do the job if you plan to drive off-road, as they have more horse powers and can handle rugged roads.

As seen on , it’s always recommended to book a vehicle early. If you come on the spot at the rental desk, you might not find any car available. You’ll probably need a ferry sometimes, so make sure to ask providers about that. Some companies might issue special permission for that.

Inspect the Vehicle

Inspect the Vehicle

When picking up your rental car, make sure to inspect it before driving away. It’s best to ask the agent if you need to see the interior and exterior of the vehicle. You should also take a photo of the vehicle, with a timestamp, before signing the paperwork.

Look for any possible damage, including potholes and cracked windshields, and take photos of them. That way, you have proof that you didn’t make any of those damages, so you can’t be charged. Just in case, get proper insurance for you and the rental vehicle.

Follow Regulations

When renting a car in Greece, make sure to take note of the speed limit. If you do not obey it, you could end up getting fined. Also, be aware of the Greek road rules, as pedestrians don’t always yield to oncoming traffic.

Parking in Crete can be a nightmare, and traffic is terrible. So it’s essential to prepare for this experience. You can rent a car with GPS or use Google maps to guide your drive and navigate the streets to avoid congestion and slow-downs. The latter happens quite often on coastal roads due to landslides.

Crete is famous for its stunning landscapes, but its roads aren’t maintained well. They may be bumpy and rocky, and you should avoid fast driving. There are also many uphills and serpentines, so be careful. Also, keep a lookout for animals on the road.

Once you’ve rented a vehicle in Crete, make sure to drive safely and by law. You don’t want high fees to spoil your vacation. By obeying rules and picking a proper vehicle, you can enjoy your stay on this island to the fullest.