Home Wall Décor ideas with Mirror, Wall Art and Shelves

When it comes to interior decoration, there are so many different elements you can bring into your home to make the space look more elevated and elegant. And you know what? Your home interior décor can be as complex or as simple as you want. It’s all about choosing the right elements and making sure they work for the space. Today we’ll show you how to use decorative mirrors, wall art, and shelves to make your rooms look amazing!

What Role Do Walls Play in Home Décor?

What Role Do Walls Play in Home Décor


Your walls play a very important role in home décor because they can set up the style of any room. The color of paint you choose for them is always the first step, and it will certainly define the feel of the room. However, your walls can be elevated with mirror décor, wall art, and shelves that will help you create accents and make the space look a lot better.

Many people often treat art décor as an afterthought, but we think it’s relevant enough to give it an important role in your design plans from the very beginning. If you’re thinking about the pieces you choose for your walls, you can provide each room with a life of their own. However, we understand it can be a little intimidating to choose a decorative mirror, wall art, shelves, etc., so we will provide some ideas for you!

How to Pick Your Wall Décor Items

How to Pick Your Wall Décor Items

There are a few factors you should keep in mind to pick the right wall décor items for your home. First, pay attention to scale. You want your wall décor items to be the right size; extremes are a bad idea. You don’t want them to overpower the room or go unnoticed, you want them to be accents.

Second, vary the number of items. You don’t wall every wall in your home to have only 2 pieces or 3 pieces consistently. That would make them look boring. Variety is what makes things interesting, and the point of wall décor is to give each wall a style of its own.

Third, choose the shapes carefully. If you want to make your walls truly interesting, choose wall décor items of different shapes and sizes. You can use framed art, frameless art, clocks of different shapes, mirrors of different shapes, framed or frameless, glass wall shelves, baskets, and so much more. The sky is the limit; just choose the items that call to you the most!

Use Decorative Mirrors

Use Decorative Mirrors

It’s truly impossible to talk about interior décor and design without mentioning decorative mirrors. Mirrors are highly versatile pieces that will open up the space and bring in more light to the room. It’s super fun to use mirrors as home décor because they allow you to truly express your creativity and style. They can be central pieces for the room or simply complement other décor pieces.

Perhaps the best thing about mirrors is they can take any shape you want! Plus, there are many decorative mirror styles out there, including framed mirrors, LED mirrors, oversized mirrors, geometric mirrors, they can be textured, colored, and so much more. What’s more, you can have your own mirrors made! Check out our store, create your own and have them shipped to your doorstep!

Should Wall Art Be Hanged Over the Sofa or the Fireplace?

Should Wall Art Be Hanged Over the Sofa or the Fireplace

When it comes to hanging wall art, people are always debating whether it should go over the sofa or the fireplace. And the answer is you can hang them wherever you want! Just make sure the art is appropriate. If you’re hanging wall art over the sofa, you want it to be at eye level. People usually hang it too high, which can make the piece look out of place.

If you plan on hanging the wall art over the fireplace mantel, don’t be afraid to choose vibrant colors, don’t hesitate to fill in the space above the fireplace, and it’s a good idea to actually use the fireplace mantel as a shelf for the artwork. This will make it look more relaxed and it will set this piece of art apart from the rest of the things that are hanging on the wall.

Shelves on the Wall: Do They Look More Astonishing?

Shelves on the Wall Do They Look More Astonishing

The answer is yes, absolutely! Shelves are truly incredible pieces, especially if they’re made of glass. Glass shelves are super versatile, meaning you can use them in any room and add dimension to your space. They’re also transparent, which means shelves won’t distract from whatever you place on it.

They’re highly durable and sturdy, unlike wood or metal shelves. Glass shelves are low-maintenance since they’re so easy to clean, and they will truly make the space unique. If you’re considering putting glass shelves on the wall, don’t hesitate to check out our store so you can choose the design you like best!