Top 5 Ways to Keep Home Bug Free

Bugs are gross for most people. Even if you don’t hate them, you have to admit the fact they are unhygienic and belong inside the house. Not all of them are poisonous, but they give birth to many other diseases and pose a special risk to children. While most people understand that their house should be bug-free, not many know how to do it. This article will teach you the right way to insect out of your house. Also, you will know why you must contact a trusted pest control company Bronx NY if you want to end your problem with bugs for good.

Don’t Let Them Get Comfortable

You don’t exactly have a bed set up for them, but not repelling them away is more than enough invitation for them. They might already be bugs inside your house that won’t leave easily. You should take the help of a professional pest control service. Once they are done, you won’t have a single insect in your home.

You can follow precautionary measures to ensure they don’t get back in. It is going to cost you a little, but the service is worth the cost as it improves your quality of life and saves you from potential health risks. If you don’t clean the house before or after protecting the house, the insect already inside will keep laying eggs and increasing.

Seal All Holes and Cracks

As common sense suggests, insects don’t knock on your door or wait for it to open so they can enter. They get inside through little holes and cracks at different places in your house. There could be holes in walls somewhere you can’t see. Likewise, you should seal all windows and the space below the door.

There are simple and cheap gadgets on the internet to seal windows and doors. For the holes and cracks, you can use something like plaster to close them. You just have to mix it with water and put it on any entrance you can find.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is the most attractive place for insects. You have food leftovers and many other things that attract them. If you keep everything sealed and cleaned, you won’t have any problem. If you keep dirty dishes in the open, they will attract insects. Likewise, pieces of bread or any other edible left in the open is an invitation. You should keep the kitchen right after you cook something or eat there. Spoiling food also smells really bad and you won’t realize where the flies come from.

Leave No Damp Places

There should not be any damp places or open water in the house. If you have a swimming pool, keep it neat and clean. It is not very difficult if you make a routine. It gets difficult when you decide to take action after years of doing nothing. Any damp wood or wall should also be taken care of as soon as possible. Not only does it attract insects, it also compromises the integrity of the house.

Clean the House Regularly

It’s no secret that cleaning the house will not only bring bugs but germs away. You should clean every day if you have kids. They play on the floor and put anything in their mouth. It is also easier and faster to clean the entire house when you clean it regularly. Make sure you don’t ignore places like the storeroom.

Keep everything in order and clean it every now and then to ensure no bugs make a home there. You should use a floor cleaner that is best to repel insects. You can find them in many different scents and they do their job perfectly. They usually come in liquid form that you have to mix in the water and clean the floor with.