3 Best Paintless Dent Removal Tools 2021

No matter how experienced and attentive drivers we are, one should admit that the total elimination of accidents is an impossible and unachievable dream. Unfortunately, cars are subject to damage both through the fault of their owners and through the fault of other road users or natural factors. One of the most common types of damage is car body damage, namely scratches and dents. And although dents are usually not very large, they still significantly harm the appearance of the car and should be fixed. To carry out repairs faster, cheaper, and without removing the paint layer, people invented various tools. Today we`re going to look at three best paintless dent repair tools available for purchase. Let`s go!

BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit 60pcs

BBKANG PDR provides a vast set of tools to remove dents without removing the paint layer. A large number of elements of the set are designed to eliminate damage of any shape, size, and location. Also, you can use several techniques, for example, glue system, puller, hammer, etc.

So, the kit is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The technologies used are elementary in the application. Basically, the manufacturer offers dent repair with glue and 24 pro tabs for all kinds of dents. The kit also includes a surface degreaser, glue gun, yellow and black (they provide stronger connection) glue sticks, and detailed step-by-step instructions.

In addition to them, the set also contains an improved lightweight dent lifter, a bridge puller for more complicated dents and higher pressure, 5 bridge tabs, a dent T puller, a rubber hammer, a shovel, and a dishcloth.

If incidentally, you applied too great pressure and made a little bulge, BBKANG PDR will help you correct this imperfection. The dent repair tool has a tap down pen with 9 different heads for various shapes and materials.

All tool elements are made of durable materials, which don`t break and harm the body and paint. The kit is applicable to repairing dents on other types of equipment, for example, motorcycles or household appliances like fridges, etc. And an organizer case offers convenient storage.

Combining several instruments in one kit, BBKANG Paintless Dent Removal Tool demands only $80.

GLISTON 45pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool

Here is another paintless dent removal kit by Gliston. It features similar, but a bit reduced content. Though the price is also reduced and more affordable – $53. The tool helps you save on professional car service and fix tiny dents yourself. You may also apply it for dent repair on other sheet metal surfaces like dishwashers.

Here you have a hot glue gun with two types of glue sticks varied in color and degree of bond strength. There are also 16 black puller tabs, a golden lifter dent puller, a bridge puller, 5 pry tools, 2 small plastic shoves, an alcohol bottle, and a dishcloth. All the contents are kept in a fabric bag.

A glue gun, glue sticks, puller tabs, and alcohol bottle combine the main set for dent removal. You take a tab of necessary size and shape, cover it with hot glue, and put it in the dent. Then you pull it either with a golden lifter puller or a bridge puller.

By the way, this kit was improved compared with the previous Gliston products, as now its golden lifter can adjust the more significant height and width. The manufacturer also claims that it improved the tabs and the bridge puller, which now suit more types of dents and never break or damage the surface. Instruments are toxic-free and mainly made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, rubber, and durable plastic.

We also get several types of panel removals but mind that there is no tap down pen for bulge repair. So, this kit, though being more affordable, requires more skills and experience.

Super PDR 68Pc Auto Body PDR Kit

And finally, the last model of our top 3 is the Super PDR 68PC kit. We consider this set to be the leading of all three variations for its broad equipment and the presence of unique elements.

So, the kit includes standard units for repairing dents. This is a hot glue gun, glue sticks, a lifter dent puller, a bridge puller, 36 puller tabs, an alcohol bottle, a dishcloth, a 2-in-1 T-bar, a rubber hammer, a dent hammer, a holder puller, a metal tap down, and 5 nylon tap downs.

The repair process takes place in the same way as in the two previous cases. All steps and tool functions are described in the user`s guide. Though the primary means of dent removal is hot glue and tabs, you can vary the pulling instrument depending on the size of the dent, car body material, and pulling power required. The design of the elements is not only versatile but also labor-saving.

However, here in the kit, we see an extremely handy addition, namely an LED lighting fixture. Bright lighting is one of the essential conditions for successful body restoration. Therefore, the presence of a powerful portable LED line board improves the final result.

As usual, tools are made of stainless steel, rubber, and plastic. All metal elements which are meant to contact with the car body have rubber coverage to avoid extra body and paint damage.

At the moment, Super PDR costs about $100. Though this dent removal kit isn`t the cheapest and most affordable, it features the widest set of tools, including an LED board and tap downs. Still, the set doesn`t have a bag for convenient storage, which is a rather strange shortcoming.

We listed three best PDR kits, which vary in the number of tools, their functions, and price. Each of the product inevitably has its pros and cons, but the final choice depends on your needs.

In conclusion, we also want to note that though saving a lot of money, solo dent removal requires specific skills. That`s why, if you don`t have some, before repairing your car, practice on a metal sheet or other similar and waste surface.