Top 5 Variable Speed Angle Grinders in 2021

In early times, there were no electronic tools to smoothen and polish a rough surface. It was very difficult to carry out this job manually; it required a lot of human energy and sharp, heavy tools. Now, the times are different. We have proper machinery, known as a grinder, for this job. Working with grinders is easy as the machine isn’t too heavy and no human force is required.

They also provide the user with amazing results and perform very fast. One feature that every person who uses an angle grinder asks for is the variable speed as the speed needs to be changed according to the requirements if the application.

The following review is regarding the Top 5 Variable Speed Angle Grinders in 2021.

Where to Buy

Metabo - 5" Variable Speed Angle Grinder - 2, 800-9, 600 Rpm - 13.5 Amp W/Electronics, High Torque, Lock-On (600562420 15-125 HT), Concrete Renovation Grinders/Surface Prep Kits/Cutting

Bosch AG50-11VSPD 5-Inch Variable-Speed Angle Grinder with No Lock-on Paddle Switch, 11-Amp

Makita 9564CV 4-1/2-Inch SJS High-Power Angle Grinder

Metabo GE710 Compact 13000 to 34000 Rpm 6.4-Amp Die Grinder Compact Variable Speed, 710-watt

Hitachi G12VA 4-1/2-Inch 13-Amp Variable Speed Angle Grinder (Discontinued by manufacturer)