Top 5 TV Shows of the 2000s

While we have seen record-breaking TV shows ever since the advent of television, the 2000s was a game-changing decade for the entertainment industry: with channels like HBO and Showtime surfacing, the center of production moved to quality in writing, coordinating, and acting like never before. Individuals in the amusement business who were previously interested in performing on stage were now looking forward to television.

As it is always a pleasant experience to look back and relive the 2000s, let us have a look at the top 5 TV Shows of the 2000s. From an assortment of genres like sitcoms to sci-fi, our rundown has something in store for people of many tastes in entertainment!


Picture of a logo of the American TV Series, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Creator: Larry David

IMDb rating: 8.7

Genre: Comedy

The series, based on ten seasons, revolves around the life of the ever-famous producer Larry David starring himself as a fictionalized character. The show depicts the funny misadventures of Larry with his close ones. He has everything a man could ask for: money, fame, success, a loving wife, and great friends. The only thing wrong is that he says the worst things at the worst timings and drags himself and his friends into embarrassing situations involving lots of drama and great comedy. If you’re a fan of dry and unexpected humor, it is then one great show for you. Many people found it to be realistic and relatable.

2. MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE ( 2000-2006) 

Picture of the logo used for opening credits of a TV show.

Creators: Linwood Boomer

IMDb rating: 8.0

Genre: Sitcom

Created for Fox, Malcolm in the Middle is a sitcom created by Linwood Boomer. This sitcom revolving around one working-class and dysfunctional family may have lost a touch of steam as of late, yet, a portion of the previous scenes is very entertaining. The series explores all characters of this family, starring Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) as the main character having an exceptionally high IQ and brain level. Viewers particularly love Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of the dad figure, Hal, that makes the show so enjoyable to watch with his immature yet loving nature. The actual gags are hilarious- the scene with Hal running out of the grocery store, a farce of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” is over the top.

Like “The Simpsons,” “Malcolm” figures out how to effectively entwine traditional family/social themes into funny plots. At first, the show seemed like a copy of The Simpsons, but the casting and the most unexpected plot twists made it one of its kind. The audience seemed to like the fact that realistic sides of families were shown, endorsing how no one has a perfect life. It also highlights the importance of family.

It is an excellent comedy TV Show for a flashback of the times of the 2000s, especially if you have a family get-together.

3. DARK ANGEL (2000-2002)

Picture of a poster of the TV Show Dark Angel.

Creators: James Cameron, Charles H. Eglee

IMDb rating: 7.4

Genre: Action, Drama Mystery, Science-fiction

Premiered on Fox, with episodes spread across two seasons, Dark Angel is one brilliant science-fictional TV Show of the 2000s. The plot includes genetically upgraded superhumans. In a fate of political, financial, and moral breakdown, one such science-fictional superhuman soldier named Maxine (Max) escapes from military limits as a child. She abodes amid the wanton underground road life of Seattle to evade government agents who need to bring her back into the overlay. Looking for others of her sort who separated while escaping, Max meets Logan, a hopeful cyber-journalist combating restraint and corruption in the post-end of the world of America. Max turns into his samurai as the pair take on the millenniums. Max and Logan’s odyssey drives them closer to the mystery of her past, making their relationship very complicated. The series has two seasons. While it is a great tv show, some viewers were expecting a better ending.

4. ANDROMEDA (2000-2005)

Picture of the title card of the Canadian-American TV Series Andromeda

Creators: Gene Roddenberry, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hewitt Wolfe

IMDb rating: 6.60

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction

With a setting in deep space, this Canadian-American TV Series premiered on Global TV. It was a hit sci-fi TV Series that revolved around the efforts of Captain Dylan Hunt and his crew members Andromeda Ascendant to restore the Systems Commonwealth after 300 years of its fall. Systems Commonwealth is a governmental entity of space responsible for harmony and progress.

The viewers have seemed to like the first season better than the second. The series has a huge fan base: if you are a 2000s kid, chances are you are one fan as well. If you want to have a peek into the sci-fi thrillers of the last decade, we highly recommend this TV Show.

5. SURVIVOR (2000- Present)

Picture of the title image of the American reality-based TV Show SurvivorCreator: Charlie Parsons.

IMDb rating: 7.2

Genre: Adventure, Gameshow, Reality TV.

Inspired by the Swedish television series called Expedition Robinson, Survivor is an American reality TV show created by Charlie Parsons. This TV show was a part of the international television franchise named Survivor Reality competition. If you are a fan of reality TV-based gameshows, survivor shows from the 2000s should be on your watch-list. So what happens in this show?

In spring 2000, sixteen Americans (separated into two clans which ultimately converged into one) visited to remain in the remote location of PulauTiga for 39 days. During this time, they had to figure out how to live as a clan, albeit, in the end, it is everybody for themselves. Each completed challenge resulted in rewards of luxurious meals, a phone call for home, and immunity. Elimination rounds commence every third day of the allotted time: participants with failed tasks from the previous challenges face a tribal council whose votes decide the one leaving the location. Towards the finish of day 39, there will be just a single survivor left who will leave the island with 1,000,000 dollars.

The unique challenges made this TV series a highly-sought family entertainment. Challenges were fun and exciting. The location and set up also attracted a lot of people. It was good entertainment during the summer of 2000.

The Takeaway

TV has consistently been developing in recent years. What used to be essentially an engaging method to go through a half-hour with the family has changed into a raised artistic expression. To relive the journey of this development and to have a look back into times is always a pleasant experience. With these Top 5 TV Shows of the 2000s, let yourself delve into the nostalgia and spend quality time with your loved ones. Older than the times of the 2000s? Stay tuned for our Top 5 TV Shows from decades dating even far back!