Top 5 Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats for 2018

Pet carriers are used to carry pets around when you are in the car during short rides or the long ones. You might also place the dog in a carrier when you are waiting in a public place, such as a train station or an airport terminal. The carrier protects the dog from escaping or from injury, and provides them with security in a place unfamiliar to them.

It is important for pet owners to make sure that the carrier they purchase meets several requirements of the pets. The carrier should be comfortable and spacious enough for the pet, not cramped or crowded. There should be enough room inside for a couple of comfort items as well such as a blanket and a toy. The carrier should be secure and strong enough to carry your pet around for long. It should be within the owner’s price range, affordable yet durable enough to last for years.

Below, the in-depth review takes a closer look at the Top 5 Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats for 2018.

1. A4Pet Collapsible Soft Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats – ​10.0

A4 Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats is going to be one of the best pet carriers in the market in 2017. Pet carriers should be designed to provide the owner as well as the pet with loads of comfort. Thus, many companies have looked into this and manufactured many comfortable carrier, with different features. This carrier’s dimensions are 18 x 11 x 11 inches and is suitable for pets up to 18 lbs. It is very roomy and it can be made more comfortable for the pet by adding some blankets.

This carrier provides safety for your pet as they will not run away here and there whether they’re in car, airplane or outdoor. Auto-lock zipper sliders and a tether makes sure about this and a belt loop keeps the pets in their place. It also has mesh windows that offers a good ventilation system for your pet. They can even enjoy the view as the mesh door is transparent.

Features and Specs

  • Dimensions: L18 x W11 x H11 inches
  • suitable for pet up to 18 lbs
  • mesh windows and door
  • auto-lock zipper sliders and a tethe
  • belt loop on side panel
  • comes with washable cozy fleece pet pad

2. All Cart Airline Approved Pet Carrier Cat – 9.7

The All Cart Airline Approved Pet Carrier Cat has a really good quality and looks very stylish. This cute little shoulder bag can carry small pets that weigh less than 9.9lbs, such as Cats, Miniature Pinscher, and Chihuahua. As it is a shoulder bag, you don’t need hands to carry it around. A special hook design is present which connects to pet’s collar in order to protect them and make sure they won’t fall down.

The best part about this carrier is that you can stay in touch with your pet every time as its head is popped out. This bag is really comfortable for the tiny pets as they can fit in it easily and also because the stuff is really soft. The owner can put the handle across her seat belt as well and drive the car without worrying much about the pet.

3. Pawfect Pet-Large Airline Approved Pet Carrier – 9.6

This is one if the best large pet carrier that keeps the pets happy, secure and comfortable. This carrier is made for small pets that weigh up to 18 pounds. It has a Side and top zipper opening that allows you to safely interact and comfort your pet while traveling. You can easily put your pet inside the carrier through the full zipper openings. Ventilation system is also available as there are mesh windows/ doors.

Carrying the carrier is made very easy as there is an adjustable padded shoulder strap. This is an optional feature. It has a soft washable fleece bed inside which is really comfortable for your pet. As this carrier is foldable, it takes up less storage space and it can be carried easily. It also fits under the seat of the airplane.

4. Premium Airline Approved Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy- 9.5

The Premium Airline Approved Pet Carrier is not made for normal healthy pets. It’s designed for the pets who are weak and unstable. These are used for the non-travel friendly pets. Some small pet carriers are claustrophobic to your pets and may affect their health long-term. This carrier is best used for these types if pets.

There is not much storage space for pet food or toys or bed. Though there are 2 of the walls zips that open up and make the carrier spacious enough for them to move around. The mesh lining produces a ventilation system and they can easily see the outside view. This keeps entertaining the pets. This carrier is airline friendly as well

5. Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers – 9.4

Even though the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers is last in the list, it has a very good quality. The carrier is very strong and durable. It has a mesh window for ventilation and the pets can see the outside view clearly. The carrier also has roll down flaps for privacy, top and side entry with locking zippers for safety, padded adjustable, no-slip carrying strap, seat belt/luggage strap.

It is considered to be a great carrier for different kinds of pets including cats, dogs, and other small pets as well. Customers have given quite a lot of positive reviews and feedbacks regarding this pet carrier which is why it has been ranked among top 5 pet carriers for 2017 list. average ranking for this carrier is more than 4 stars.

Above mentioned is a list of top 2018 pet carrier for cats and dogs. Do provide us with your positive feedback and share your reviews with us as well!

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