Top 5 Camping Locations

Ever wanted to visit the most beautiful camping locations? First you would have to learn about them and know where to find them. That is what this top 5 list will do for you.

Every camper enjoys being outdoors and experiencing life outside. Being in a beautiful location can make this experience so much better. From glacier mountains, to beautiful beaches and lakes, this list will tell you where to find these campgrounds and why you should go at least once.

If you are looking for a reason to go out on a camping trip, this is it! Nothing is comparable to these lovely, unique locations.

1. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

As you can see from the picture, the scenery here is simply amazing. Who wouldn’t want to visit a place like this? Camping here can really be drastic change compared to where you would usually camp.

Did I mention that this is Alaska? That’s right, you can only have a scenery this great from a place like Alaska. If you really want a unique adventure, this should be your next camping destination, as long as you don’t mind the cold weather!

The only campground located in Alaska is called Bartlett Cove and they are open all year round. Walk-ins are completely free and they have three different trails! Be sure to check them out if you plan on going.

2. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Another great place to consider is Hawaii. There are several places where you can either camp or hike around the National Park area. There are plenty of open trails around ready for you to explore at your leisure.

The weather at Hawaii can be random at times so it’s best to be prepared for rain or cold weather beforehand. If you are lucky enough, there might be molten lava for you to see when you get there.

As of 10/19/2018, there is no molten lava. It is highly recommended that you stay away from visibly unstable areas as it is unsafe and you may get injured.

Despite the unpredictable weather and unstable areas, this is another unique place you could try camping at!

3. Cape Henlopen Delaware Campground

Cape Henlopen Delaware Campground

How great would it be to camp and have a beach nearby? That is what this campground has available.

Water – Check
Beaches – Check
Trails – Check

What else can be better? You enjoy your camp for a few hours and go relax on the beach later on. Not only is there a beach nearby, there is even historical WWII towers and museums you can visit.

There are different featured programs that they run throughout the year. Some of them are hikes through trails or even riding on a historic truck used for carrying troops in WWII.

This campground is available every month except winter months. So December through February, they are closed.

4. Piñon Flats Campground

Piñon Flats Campground

This next campground has sand dunes nearby. Instead of the usual trails you always go on, you can experience something different. This dune is around a 1.5-mile hike and you are even allowed to set up your camping gear inside the dunes!

So make sure you bring your backpacking tents and camping supplies along with you if you really want the full experience. It’s best to camp when the weather is calm so sand isn’t flying everywhere.

There are also normal trails in mountains and foothills if the dune isn’t an interest to you. This campground is available May through September and is located in Colorado.

5. South Rim Mather Campground – Grand Canyon

South Rim Mather Campground - Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a place that every hiker should visit. The Grand Canyon hike is not your normal average hike though. You have to be prepared with lots of food and water in order to make it through successfully without feeling fatigued.

One of the great things about this campground is the fact that it is open all year round! So you don’t have to rush to get in during the summer or specific months.

Whenever you are ready for a true challenge, you can make your way over to the Arizona South Rim campground and begin. Even though it is challenging, you get a beautiful scenic view of the Grand Canyon all throughout your hike!