How to make T-shirt quilt and Common Misconceptions

T-shirt quilting is an excellent method to keep memories alive or to make a genuine one-of-a-kind present. With that little planning (and a bunch of shirts), you may offer a few of your favorite tees a new lease of life.

If you search “quilting service near me”, there are online businesses that can produce the T-shirt quilts for you, we will show you ways to make one for yourself in this guide.

T-shirt quilting process

While turning your complete inventory into a patchwork is entirely okay, try grouping your shirts into categories and producing numerous quilts. You could have a wardrobe packed with high school and college shirts. Perhaps you’ve gathered them from different holiday destinations or events. Ensure you have plenty of whatever you chose.

Step 1: Choose the fabric

To build a full-size T-shirt quilt (60″ x 72″), you may require the following materials:

  • 30 T-shirts – Fits ideally with designs those are 9″ broad and 10″ height or less. You’ll need less if you utilize the front & rear of a separate T-shirt.
  • Pellon Featherweight Fusible 14 12 yards (911FF).
  • Batting 60″ x 72″
  • Binding measures 3/4 yard.
  • Backing measures 60″ x 72″.

Top Tip: Once you start, thoroughly clean your shirts. Clothes with little wear are OK, but for those with flaws or tears should be avoided.

Step 2: Cutting

Prepare 30 16″ × 16″ pieces first from lightweight fusible interfacing utilizing a rotary cutter.

Trim each t-shoulder shirt’s line, sleeve lines, and side joints next. Then, place the fusible just on the rear of every T-shirt, paying a close eye to the image on its front. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying fusible webbing to the backside of each component.

And it is now appropriate to slice out your pieces. When dealing with adult-sized shirts, your block might be as large as 16″. The 12″ square is ideal for the kid or adolescent shirts.

It is best to trim one T-shirt once at a time so that you can devote close consideration to the positioning of the pattern.

Step 3: Put them together:

Arrange your pieces to create a nice pattern. Keep in mind that all top, bottom, as well as sides will all be cut afterward. It’s now ready to stitch your lines. Stitch the left border of the initial and 2nd pieces from the very first-row design sides together. Place square 3 on top of square 2 then stitch the right side together. Keep sewing until you’ve completed your line. To decrease thickness, press seams wide.

When you’ve completed all of your lines, it’s better to stick them all in together. Stitch the top zipper after pinning line 1 to line 2 design sides together now and adjusting seams. After that, push your seam-free. Repeat this process until all of your lines are sewed together.

Step 4: Finishing

Line up the quilts using a 6″ x 24″ measure and a rotor blade all along the upper edge, bottom, and both sides. As between the patchwork top as well as the backing, place a layer of batting. Then, staple or stitch the layers all together.

Lastly, the machine quilt the chosen design. Binding and mitered corners are optional.

Common misconception

T-shirt quilting is easy. It is a typical misconception that individuals do. “Oh, these don’t appear to be that tough to create.” I own a machine as well as a set of cutters. “What could possibly go faulty?” Oh, no! We’ve heard that and have witnessed the repercussions of it so many times! Don’t be fooled by Pinterest!

Designers complete a quilt which someone began often a week. This will expense you further, in the long run, to hire a quilt manufacturer to do what you believed would be a simple task.

Final thoughts

Though T-shirt patchwork is not difficult to construct, they do need some forethought. Make a note of birthdays, reunions, end-of-season athletics dinners, high school graduation parties, or any events you wish to remember. The effort and the patchwork will astound the recipient, giving it a gift to recall. If you’re strapped for time and want to have your T-shirt quilting produced instead of doing it personally, there are available companies who might be capable to meet your deadline.