Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Commute

the inside of a train, commuters

As the saying goes, “getting there is half the fun.” That might have been true for a much-needed vacation, but going to work may be a different thing altogether. Traffic, rising toll and fare charges, and unforeseen delays can make your early commute the first of several problems you must overcome throughout … Read more

Top 5 Portable Travelling Mobile Chargers

A person holding a power bank and cellphone

Nowadays, all smartphones are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data. Sometimes, the battery of your smartphone drains quickly while using the internet. When you travel, a wall plug is not available every time to charge your phone. So, if you are going on a business trip or an adventurous … Read more

Top 5 Extra Large Trolly Suitcases

woman sitting on a suitcase

A suitcase is one of the most important items that you musthave if you love to travel, or if your work requires you to go to different places most of the time. Suitcases today, aside from being functional items that are made to carry clothing, have also become fashion statements. Whether you … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Backpacks


Backpacks are as common an item as any. Every other person on the street seems to be wearing. And given their useful practicality, it’s no surprise either. Depending on your daily routine and the hobbies or work activities you partake in every day, a backpack might just be as important a purchase … Read more

Top 5 Places to Visit in Iceland

Vatnajokull, Iceland, man standing, glacial lake

Iceland, the land of fantasy and dreams, is one of the first places that come to mind whenever you think of an adventurous life. Nowadays, Iceland has become one of the most famous locations on Earth that tourists prefer. It has become a must for travel enthusiasts to breathe the fresh and … Read more

Top 10 Mountains Almost Anyone Can Conquer

beautiful view of mount fiji

Introduction When we talk about great mountains, names such as Mount Everest and K-2 usually come to mind. However, there are plenty of great summits that anyone with a decent level of fitness can conquer. Instead of the highest and the most challenging mountains, this post focuses on the top 10 mountains … Read more

Top 5 Passport Holders for Safe Travel

The importance of keeping your passport, travel documents, phone, cash, credit card safe while you’re traveling can’t be overemphasized. If there’s one thing you don’t want to misplace when you’re in a foreign country, it’s your passport and relevant travel documents. A passport wallet is meant to do precisely that — keep … Read more

Top Five Backpack Briefcases

A backpack briefcase being lifted by its horizontal top handle

It’s always nice to have some variety and freedom of choice when it comes to means of luggage transport. All sorts of backpacks exist nowadays to cater to all kinds of different requirements. What we’ll be focusing on in this post are briefcase backpacks. Backpack briefcases are slim bags that look like … Read more

Top 5 Packing Cubes for Organized Travel

Top 5 Packing Cubes for Organized Travel

Seasoned travelers know that packing is not just a matter of piling clothes in a bag. If you want to travel in the most convenient and time-efficient way possible, there is some essential equipment to invest in. Along with getting the top five wheeled backpacks for easier transport, you also want to … Read more

The Top Five Lunchbox Backpacks

An Igloo Outdoorsman Gizmo lunchbox backpack

When you go on a picnic or a hike, you normally want to take some food along with you. But figuring out how to do so can be a bit tricky. You can take some baskets with you but there is a better way. Lunchbox backpacks are a great investment for outings … Read more

The Top Five Backpack Dog Carriers

A comfortable dog carrier backpack

Taking your dog out for a walk is often a pleasant exercise. It’s a great way for the two of you to bond and it keeps your canine friend happy. But sometimes you can’t simply take your dog somewhere on a leash. For example, if you’re going camping or hiking somewhere you … Read more

The Top Five Duffel Bag Backpacks

A duffel bag being carried on a shoulder

There are many kinds of backpacks available in the market nowadays. Some specialized for travel, some actually portable beach chairs. Indeed the variety is amazing. So it comes as no surprise that there are duffel bag backpacks available as well. And if you’re looking for one, this list is sure to come … Read more

Top Five Cat Carrier Backpacks

A comfortable cat carrier backpack keeps your cat happy

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows how much of a hassle it can be to take them around with you. And you are often left with no choice but to take them along. It’s difficult to find a caretaker you can trust if you’re leaving the house for a bit. … Read more

Top Five Wheeled Backpacks for Easier Transport

Wheeled backpacks can help take the load off of your back

There is a reason the wheel is considered one of, if not the most, important invention in the history of mankind. Lugging around heavy loads has been a problem people have faced ever since they began to utilize agriculture. Nowadays, a very common form of taking items around with you is the … Read more

The Top Five Backpack Beach Chairs

A Tommy Bahama backpack folding portable beach chair

People love to relax; it’s just in our nature. And we have been finding luxurious means of relaxation since the beginning of time, or at least since we showed up on this planet. One of those luxurious activities, coveted by those that live further inland, is going to a beach. It might … Read more

Top 5 Camping Locations

Camping Locations

Ever wanted to visit the most beautiful camping locations? First you would have to learn about them and know where to find them. That is what this top 5 list will do for you. Every camper enjoys being outdoors and experiencing life outside. Being in a beautiful location can make this experience … Read more

Top 5 Designer Backpacks

Adidas Stadium Team Backpack

Backpacks are way better than other luggage choices because they put a reduced strain on the body. They are specifically designed so that their weight is distributed evenly on shoulders and hips. This is why they can be carried for hours without tiring. Their padded straps make it easier to carry the … Read more

Top 5 Travel Backpacks for 2021

Packing smart is one of the most important parts of any journey, especially longer ones such as a thousand-mile-long that involves connecting flights. Nobody wants to get stuck with a poorly made or bulky travel bag that makes a journey more difficult. Sure, you’d want to squeeze everything you possibly can into … Read more