Can Airsoft be considered as a Sport?

Sometimes, people confuse paintball and airsoft. That is because they are very similar, with the latter being an evolution of the war game concept, as it uses smaller plastic pellets. It is a safe game that many people play, for a large variety of reasons. But can it be considered as a sport? The answer is yes, and here is why.

Competitions are being held

The first reason why airsoft needs to be considered as a sport, is that there are actually competitions being held, like in all other sports. Some of them are held as a team sport, while others are individual competitions. Sometimes, players can choose their weapon of choice, and at others they will be provided an alternative between a few given ones, such as the airsoft AR 15, the M14 or M16 guns. Just as in other sports, ranks are being kept throughout the season, and a winner is being named at the end.

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Airsoft involves Training

If you want to become a pro at airsoft, you will need to train regularly. Just as in the army, an airsoft participant needs to be in perfect shape, if he wants to be able to be the last man standing. On an airsoft field, you will have to run a lot, jump over objects, and remove heavy obstacles in front of you, at times.

The best way to train for airsoft, is to run special courses that have been created for this sport, or for other competition of extreme sports. Of course, before a person is able to do so, they will need to spend a lot of time at the gym, in order to grow muscles. Running regularly, on long distances, is also necessary for anyone who wants to have enough stamina, to play long games of airsoft.

Similarities to Other Sports

Airsoft is a sport that is played on a special field, which is true about any sport. The grounds are determined, and no one can step outside while the game is being played, or they will be eliminated automatically. As in most games, there is a referee that rules over the players. He has the final say on anything that happens during the course of a game. His decisions need to be respected, or else, ha can remove any player from the game.

Respect between players is also central to the game. Although the goal is to eliminate the other player by shooting at him, there can be no verbal or physical fighting taking place between them. If it happens, one or both of the players will be sent out of the field and eliminated from the on-going game. They can also be removed from the league, if they are repeating offenders. Airsoft is a game that requires a special dress code to play it. In every game, eyes protection is required at all times. Some of the playgrounds will require more, such as a full-face mask, ears and hands protection, and sometimes even special clothes to wear. It is the same in other games, like hockey, for example.