5 Anonymous Pranks To Do To Anyone!

Yes, pranking people can indeed be hilarious. But sometimes, some pranks are better done anonymously. Usual pranks and anonymous pranks are almost the same things. Except for the latter, you will need to take extra measures to be more careful. You will need to be more mindful if your pranks are easily traceable and could be easily tied back to you. People have various reasons for doing pranks anonymously. 

Here are some reasons why some pranks need to be anonymous:

1. Unfortunately, some people can’t take harmless practical jokes.

Even if you mean no harm to other people and if your prank is intentionally good-natured, some people take life so seriously and couldn’t take a joke! We’re sure they have their reasons, but if you want to avoid offending people – anonymous pranks are the best way to go. You do not want to harm yourself even further by offending the wrong people. We’re all just having a good time here, aren’t we? 

2. You want to take revenge. 

This is one of the darkest reasons why people want to do anonymous pranks on others. Some people may have wronged them in the past and decide to pull some tricks before hitting the higher road. Some people itch to prank their ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, some jocks who bullied them back in high school, or just about anyone who hurt them! If this is your intention in doing anonymous pranks, we suggest that you be extra careful and be mindful of your timing before doing a stunt. By that, we mean you need to serve it cold! Why? It’s just the rule of thumb in all revenge. If you strike while it’s hot, you’ll have bigger things coming back at you, so be patient; you’ll get your revenge!

3. Some jokes are better made anonymously.

If you are a known prankster, wouldn’t it be more challenging to do more pranks as time goes by because people expect that you will be the one doing it? Well, spare yourself from them (rightful) accusations because this time, no evidence will point towards you! Some might think that you have done it, but they have no tangible proof to prove it. If you want to go the extra mile in tracking your victim, you can learn about these top 5 portable GPS trackers here.

4. It can cause you trouble.

Like in item number one, some people can’t take jokes. But other than that, you can be in trouble for goofing around when you do it on premises where rules strictly bind it. Examples of these establishments are schools and offices. You don’t want to be expelled or fired just because you did some funny things in the bathroom, did you? It’s up to you to try it at your own risk. But if you do, you better do it anonymously. You’ll get the same results anyway. Plus, you can be spared from all the punishments if done correctly! 

We’re pretty sure there are more reasons why some pranks are better done anonymously, but we will leave it up to you! Now that you know why people are doing anonymous stunts, we listed down five anonymous prank ideas that you can do to anyone!

Anonymous Prank Ideas:

1. Prank Calls

When it comes to anonymity, prank calls are the best way to go! Not only is it fun, but it is also one of the safest (if not the safest) ways to mess with someone from a distance.No, you are not going to dial your victim using your number and make fun of them with your voice. No, you are also not spending your money on getting a new phone with an unknown number. The best way to do prank calls in the age of smartphones is by downloading a prank call app on your phone. The best prank call app in the market is Ownage Pranks’ prank call app. It has a spoof call feature that hides all your information under a new and unknown caller ID. With this unique caller ID, an average Joe can never trace you. Just make sure you won’t do anything illegal. Because if you do, the government will still find a way to trace your number. But if you’re confident that you are not committing a felony, don’t worry because Ownage Pranks will take care of your utmost privacy. What’s more, they have an exciting selection of pre-made prank scripts and online soundboard. Go check them out, and you will thank us later!

2. Fake Rent

This is a hilarious way to mess with someone anonymously when you know your victim’s address. Just contact your local advertisers, like the newspaper, or just post in rental groups the details of your victim’s apartment. Don’t forget to use a dummy account and VPN when posting so that you can avoid being traced. Make sure to sell their apartment so good, too, to entice people! Leave their contact details and address, and just imagine how many people will contact them or stop by their doorsteps to look around!

3. Poop

You might have heard of fake poop to startle people, but the conversation starts to shift when we’re talking about actual poop! We know this is quite disgusting. But fake poop isn’t going to give you much satisfaction, especially when you most likely won’t be there to see it! (You can technically choose to witness the outcome of the prank yourself, but that would be too risky.) You can simply pick one up in your cat’s litter box or even your dog’s and just put it in any property they have that you have access to. Their car’s windshield, their shoes, wherever! It’s always an unpleasant surprise, but hey, they’ll never know it’s you. *wink wink*

4. Box of Nothing

This prank is especially cruel to someone who likes to receive gifts. Just send them over a box of air, basically – nothing! Leave it to their doorstep or their locker. It’s totally up to you! If you want to add up to their hopeless excitement, you can add stuff inside that may add weight, like a rock, for example. But that won’t be a box of anything anymore. It will be a box of heavy rock. It’s entirely up to you how to package that box. 

5. Religious Request

If you have an aggressive religious group or cult in your area, you can use that to your advantage! Simply contact these groups posing as your victim. Give them their address and their contact number. Wait until they complain about being bugged by these religious people right into their homes. It’s pretty cruel, but we assure you that it will be as epic and hilarious as it sounds.

Now, this is how you pull off anonymous pranks. Remember to be mindful at all times. We wish you good luck and happy pranking!