What Is It That You Might Have Not Known About Roosters For Cockfighting Gaming?

The s128 is a website about cockfighting betting. Most of the time on sportsbooks, you will read about sporting betting odds on popular sports such as tennis, football, and basketball. It is rare to read about betting on cockfighting.

Just the way horses which are running in a race have to be trained before, cocks participating in cockfights need training. They have to be raised to participate in fights and it is something which is not cheap. Both breeders and owners have to use a significant amount of money and time on training the cock, equipment, and food.

Chickens who are to participate in the fights are normally chosen carefully and are fed on special food and are kept off from hens.  While with the trainers, they have to be acquainted with their owner and thus, the need for the owners to hold them.

Cockfighting Species

There are three species for cockfighting cocks. There are the black roosters who have red combs known to have a strong stamina to fight even it means up to death. The white roasters are another bread that has round eyes yellow and feet which are ivory colored. They are known for their lightning-fast action and temperament. You will also come across five-colored cocks that have black, red, yellow, bluish-black and brown feathers that are known due to their ability and flexibility to know when it is time to run away.

How They Are Picked

By the time they are around 6 weeks, you will notice the aggressiveness of the chicken. Once it is noted, it is time to choose it for training and the ability to fight, having the willingness to fight with the opponents and being resistant to pain is then developed into it.

The roosters who are chosen for training are then provided with special care immediately they start participating in cockfighting games. They are given daily exercises, baths, and facial wash. They feed on food which contains rice which is unhusked, a lot of vegetables and meat to gain proteins.

For every fight that they indulge in, they are conditioned which might last for weeks. During this particular period, the cocks are placed on special nutrition and diet, isolation and sparring. They are placed under isolation to make them become aggressive and have a hunger to fight which might just result in them winning the game.

Cockfighting Rules

The rules governing cockfighting vary from one region to the next. So before you start betting on the cockfighting game, it is important you know the rules which govern your particular region and the website that you are betting on.

Cocks which are indulged in fighting normally weigh between 1 to 6 kilograms. There are also some weight classes such as PR which is less than 7 pounds, M for medium, P for small, and G for large.