Top 5 Wooden Porch Swings in 2018

What can be the one single thing which is used when a person wants a time completely lonely with no person around and when a group of family members wants to enjoy a great evening. The answer to this question is a porch swing which is quite an amazing choice for both the situations.

Many people using a wooden porch swing these days to add to the beauty of their lawn or porch. Many people use them inside their homes as well but most of them use it on their porch only.

The following review is based upon the Top 5 Wooden Porch Swings in 2018.

1. Ecommersify Flip Cup Holder Console Rot-resistant Cypress Eternal Wood Lumber Roll Back Porch Swing – 9.9

Wooden swings are always a comfortable source of killing your free time. What’s better than integrating a flip down console in them which can hold your water or drinks? The Ecommersify Eternal Wood Lumber Roll Back Porch Swing features this cool console and not only this, it is an extremely safe swing as every seat is finish sanded on each and every end so it may not hurt you.

The rust-resistant hardware will increase the lifetime of your swing. You only need to connect the back and seat and securing the arms. Rest, the product comes pre-assembled. There are no sharp edges around the swing which mean that it is safer for your young ones too!

The company is hell sure on the quality of their product. That’s why they give a FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. The technical details include the weight of the swing which is 50 pounds, pretty less for a swing and it can hold up to 10x than its own weight i.e. 500 pounds. Everything is screwed together tightly and not just stapled so it obviously increases the run time of the product.

2. 4′ Natural Cedar Porch Swing, Amish Crafted – Includes Chain & Springs – 9.8

Dark brown color is conventionally liked for wooden swings, probably because it is the original color of the wood. Whatsoever the reason might be but Kilmer Creek has come up with a seriously good brown swing. It is made up of Western Red Cedar material which is naturally resistant to decay, rot and damage by insects such as termite.

The wide and comfortable seat has its edges, rounded and smooth for your ease and comfort. No nails are used in this swing which might damage your body. Talk about its strength or comfort, it is perfect from every angle.

The package includes springs and a standard chain for an 8-inch ceiling. Not only this but the product is 90 % assembled, you only have to secure it from a few ends, and even that is told in an instruction manual. Its weight is even less i.e. 42lbs.

You can even paint the product after it is at your disposal. If not, then the color itself transforms to a grayish. It was all these features which made the swing an excellent product and people appreciated the product by ranking it 4.4 out of 5 stars on average.

3. 5-Foot Handmade Cypress Porch Swing with Cup holders – 9.6

You can never compromise on the quality of the product if it is handmade. The Southern Cypress Porch Swings Company workers made a swing out of their own hands. Still, not even a single nail was planted in and High-quality Brass plated screws were used. The contoured seat has a cup holder on both the ends, which can hold your drinks and a cup of tea. The assembly, at users end, however, takes a longer time here but that is not a problem if the process is explained in front of you. Yes! The video at http://v  fully explains the process for assembling this Swing.

It is also available in 4-foot length, so you can have a smaller one too. The material selected for making the swing is high quality 99% knot free cypress wood. The handmade swing was highly encouraged by people as the price was less and the product was more beneficial.

It is an economical swing from every angle. Make sure to seal the product with UV Polyurethane, this will increase the lifetime of your swing and then the swing won’t require frequently refinishes.

4. 5′ Natural Cedar Porch Swing – 9.6

The 5′ Natural Cedar Porch Swing is actually a great swing for you which is resistant to rust, decay and all sorts of insect damage as well. It is quite light in weight and has a long natural life for low warping properties. With two comfortable seats, you can easily enjoy a good evening with your loved ones.

It comes in pre-assembled components form so that you have to perform the easiest assembly with simplest instructions. The size of assembled swing is approx. 23″ high x 62″ wide x 27″ deep and the seat itself is approx. 18” deep and 58” wide. It has been made in the USA and shipped directly to the buyer.

5. ROLL BACK Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb 5ft. Porch Swing – 9.4

The ROLL BACK Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb 5ft. Porch Swing is another great swing which comes with the lifetime warranty option if you order it directly from the manufacturer. It has been made out of kiln-dried pine. The maximum weight allowance is 800 pounds and it is completely rust resistant for a long period of time. The swing dimensions are 63.5W x 28D x 24.5H inches.

It comes 90% assembled and you have to connect back and seat along with securing the arms. Customers had various positive reviews for this porch swing and said that it was quite a great one and easy to assemble. The Roll Back seating is comfortable and relaxing.

If you want some good wooden porch swing for 2018, you have the best options right ahead of you. Get them at a good price and add to the beauty of your lawn. Also, recommend to others with the share button.

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