Top 5 Wireless Baby Monitors in 2018

Those days are gone when monitoring a baby from other places inside your home was difficult. Now you can get various overwhelming wireless baby monitors that can help you in monitoring your child when you are not with him. Well, most of the parents do not know there are any options available from which they can choose the best one to make their baby safe and secure. A variety of options are available offering multiple functions and features. To make this decision easier for you, we have selected the top 5 best baby monitors for 2018.

Of course, needs of all parents are not the same. Many parents do not want microwave radiations in their child’s room and some have a strict budget. Many other things are also involved in making this buying decision. We have developed this list while keeping all such things in mind. Like what are the needs of parents, different environments, features, pricing, customer reviews, technology, brand names, etc.

But before you buy, keep one thing in your mind. You do not need a fancy light show in your kid’s room. You have to give your baby a peaceful sleep so you must buy a decent baby monitor. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, he should not be disturbed by the fancy lights.

So let’s get straight to our top 5 wireless monitors in 2018 list and make the decision on a logical basis.

1. Camonity Wireless WIFI 720P IP Camera Baby Care Monitor – 9.9

With motion sensors, this device is compatible with iOS 6 and above and Android 4 and above. It offers the finest surveillance with High-quality 720p Camera that can be connected with your Wi-Fi connection. It has a set of speakers and microphones that creates two-sided audio communication easily. To record videos, you can attach a Micro SD Card to the panel. The best part of this baby monitor is that you can easily make a connection between your smartphone and camera. Take instant snapshots, record videos/audios and share it with your family/friends with the help of your smartphone. Not only this, Camonity wireless WiFi also has night vision options. It can automatically sense the low vision and smartly uses infrared light to make things clear in the dark.

Specs and features

–    Weight: 5.3 ounces

–    Different OS, including iOS and Android

–    Auto recording

–    Internal mic and speakers

–    Micro SD Card

–    Infrared detection

–    Different colors available

–    Real-time video display

2. Angelcare – AC420 – Scurit – Ecoute-Bb- 9.8

This cute baby audio monitor is a great choice for those who parents who need an audio device for monitoring purposes. It comes with a halo light that is sufficient for making a feeder without turning on the lights. You can set various sensitivity modes so that if your baby is used to of making little noises while sleeping, it won’t break your sleep. With its temperature sensor, you can check the temperature of your little one’s room. Long battery life, no air voices, rechargeable and portable parent unit, colorful digital display and nursery nightlights are some great features that make this baby monitoring device worth buying.

3. Motorola MBP360-B Indoor/Outdoor Remote Wireless Baby Monitor- 9.6

Motorola is considered to be the name of quality and that quality really shows in its wireless baby monitor. If you want to keep a closer look on your kids indoor and outdoor, this device can help you a lot. It is equipped with a 3.5-inch color LCD and a remote pan. You can easily zoom in and tilt it. It also offers infrared night vision option so you can keep an eye on your kids even if it is dark. You can use this device from 520 feet range. It comes with two cameras. One for indoor and the other one is a waterproof camera for outdoor use. Once its battery is fully charged, you can use it for 2.5 hours.

4. Babies R Us Baby Sight Video Monitor- 9.5

This is one of a kind baby monitoring device. With so many features like 2-inch video screen, zoom in/zoom out option, adjustable microphones. Low battery indicator and different night sight modes make this device very practical. It comes with tabletop and wall mounted clips, flip-stand, belt clips, 2 AC adapters and rechargeable batteries. It can automatically find best channels and you can set it with your television as well.

You can turn off the video with one touch. Set this baby monitor in your kid’s room and you can set it to audio or video mode. One of the best things about this device is that it is a long lasting thing. You can use it for years and it will give you the best results all the time.

5. Amgaze Wireless Baby Camera Monitor Pet Dog Monitor WiFi IP/Network Surveillance Camera- 9.4

This baby camera monitor features Wifi IP network camera. CMOS senor, automatic low light detection, multiple languages support and two-way communication. It is secure to use, interference free and you can use it from long range. You get a clear, crisp image with 720p resolution. Video recording option enables you to record videos and you can save it by connecting it to your smartphone/laptop/Pc with the help of View App.  In case of any unexpected movement, its Intelligent Motion Alerts system sends snapshots and messages to your mobile device. So now, you can rely on this device while making sure your kid is fine.

Kids’ safety is an important matter and parents always need to get something that they can rely on. This list will surely help you in making a wise decision. Though you could get much more options but these are the products that would fulfill all your requirements. You can easily set things up.

These products are chosen carefully to make sure you get the best product. Let us know which one would you buy?

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