Top 5 Waterproof Point and Shoot Cameras

If you’re in the market for a smaller, compact, and high quality point and shoot camera which is waterproof, then this review is definitely for you. Point and shoot cameras are the most prevalent of all types on the market as they offer the perfect balance of budget, portability, and quality. When scouring the net, you’re probably realized there are literally thousands to choose from, so making the best purchase for you is nearly impossible.

When breaking down the best of the best waterproof point and shoot cameras, you want to consider things such as the price, image quality, weight, size, camera megapixel, recording capabilities, and much more. The good news is we’ve done all of the hard-work for you and we’ve broken down the best of the best while giving you a great balance to meet the needs of newbie photographers and pros alike.

The following review focuses on the Top 5 Waterproof Point and Shoot Cameras along with all the reasons why.

1. Olympus TG-4 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD – 9.9

The Olympus TG-4 is a waterproof point and shoot digital camera which is highlighted by an amazing 3” LCD display. The high quality imagery is because it’s outfitted with 16-megapixels which brings out the best in clarity with a significant reduction in noise and image distortion. Boasting a 4X wide-angle optical zoom with a super-charged f2.0 high speed lens for continuous shooting which works just as good in water, and out.

The Olympus TG-4 point and shoot digital camera is fully waterproof to depths of 50-feet. For those looking for extreme protection, you’ll be happy to know it’s freeze-proof to temperature extremes of 14 degrees F, can withstand crushing up to 220-pounds of pressure, and offers up to 7-feet of shockproof protection. With 1080p video recording, wireless technology built right-in, GPS, and numerous underwater and on-land modes which gives you amazing features in a highly compact, durable point and shoot model.

Specs and Features

  • 16MP BSI CMOS Sensor
  • 3-inch LCD display
  • TruePic VII Image Processor
  • 4X wide-angle optical zoom
  • f2.0 high speed lens continuous shooting
  • Waterproof, freeze proof, shockproof, and crushproof
  • Wi-Fi technology, GPS, and E. Compass
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • Variable Macro System
  • Focus Bracketing and Focus Stacking
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 4.6-watt hours Lithium battery
  • 100 mm max focal length
  • 1/2000 of a second max shutter speed
  • 4,608 max horizontal resolution

2. Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera – 9.8

Nikon has definitely been around the block a few times and their latest rendition of the COOLPIX digital camera comes to you fully waterproof. This cool, blue model will give you stunning image and underwater cinematography to depths of 33-feet while assuring the same quality whether in, or out of the water. The amazing clarity, reduced noise, and improved lighting conditions makes the COOLPIX S33 the 2nd best waterproof point and shoot digital camera this year.

The COOLPIX S33 is outfitted with a 13.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and 3x wide-angle NIKKOR glass zoom lens. For instant viewing, you’ll appreciate seeing true HD quality video in stunning 1080p right from the 2.7” LCD display. Boasting a 3x optical zoom, 2.6 watt hours of power, and 4.7fps continuous shooting makes this COOLPIX a steal at this price.

Specs and Features

  • .49-pounds
  • 2 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 2.7-inch LCD display
  • 4x digital zoom
  • HD 1080p video recording
  • 3x optical zoom
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and freeze proof
  • 4.7fps continuous shooting
  • 2-6-watt hours Lithium battery
  • 5 cm macro focus range
  • 5.9 mm max aperture
  • F3.3 – F5.9 max aperture range
  • 90 mm max focal length
  • 1/2000 of a second max shutter speed
  • 4,160 Pixels max horizontal resolution

3. Olympus TG-4 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD – 9.8

The Olympus TG-4 is outfitted with a 14-megapixel snapper and gives you ultra-beautiful image quality and stunning 1080p resolution. You can view everything right from the 3-inch LCD display and choose to share your images and video with your friends and family with built-in wireless technology. Giving you a digital point and shoot camera that’s waterproof to 50-feet, shockproof to 7-feet, freeze proof to 14 degrees F, and crushproof with the ability to handle 220-pounds, the TG-4 is one of the most rugged models out there.

The TG-4 is highlighted by a 4X wide-angle optical zoom which gives you 5fps of continuous recording thanks to the fast f2.0 high speed lens. This superiorly built, rugged waterproof point and shoot camera is highly recommended for the outdoor enthusiast, but giving you the best in quality for everyone else. For those looking for superior quality underwater, you’ll appreciate the unique underwater modes which include Mode Dial, HDR Mode, Snapshot, Wide, Macro, and more.

Specs and Features

  • 16MP
  • 4X wide-angle optical zoom
  • 3-inch LCD display
  • f2.0 high speed lens
  • Waterproof, shockproof, freeze proof, and crushproof
  • Wi-Fi technology, GPS, and e. Compass
  • Variable Macro System
  • 5fps continuous shooting
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 4.6-watt hours Lithium battery
  • ƒ/2 max aperture
  • f2.0 – F4.9 max aperture range
  • 100 mm max focal length
  • 1/2000 of a second max shutter speed
  • 4,608 max horizontal resolution

4. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20 16.2 MP Exmor R CMOS Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and 3.0-inch LCD – 9.6

To say that Sony isn’t the biggest name in point and shoot cameras is hard to refute as their lineup of Cyber-shot cameras are arguably the most popular. There’s a reason for this as Sony’s tradition brings with them years of technological achievements which goes well beyond their best Cyber-Shot yet which is waterproof, shockproof, and

dustproof. The DSC-TX20 is highlighted by a 16.2megapixel snapper with an Exmor CMOS sensor which gives you an amazing 4x optical zoom.

Viewing the full HD quality video right from the 3” LCD display is one of the best looking we’ve ever seen. The picture quality and cinema graphics takes real-life situations under any circumstance and turns it into a true masterpiece. Capturing the moment in an instant is what this Cyber-Shot is known for thanks to the superior low-light performance, 10fps continuous shooting, and 16x digital zoom.

Specs and Features

  • 16.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • 3-inch touchscreen LCD display
  • 4x optical zoom
  • 16x digital zoom
  • 10fps continuous shooting
  • HD 1080/60i
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof
  • Digital Image Sensor
  • 3D Still Image and 3D Sweep Panorama mode3
  • Background Defocus
  • Superior Auto mode
  • Smile Shutter technology
  • 1 cm macro focus range
  • ƒ/4.6 max aperture
  • f3.5 – F4.6 max aperture range
  • 100 mm max focal length
  • 1/1600 of a second max shutter speed

5. Fujifilm XP70 16 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD – 9.4

Coming in the 5th spot in this review for the best waterproof point and shoot camera is the Fujifilm XP70. This 16-megapixel digital camera features HD recording and viewing right from the 2.7” LCD display which features rich, vibrant colors. Giving you superior protection under any condition including underwater to 33-feet, drops to 5-feet, freezing to 14-degree F, and dustproof protection.

The Fujifilm XP70 is a very affordable and highly compact underwater digital camera which boasts a 5x optical zoom. Allowing you to share your full HD 1920 x 1080-pixel captures with friends and family instantly with Wi-Fi technology or connect to your tablet or smartphone while mobile. Highlight features include one touch wireless transfer, 10fps continuous shooting with bursts to 60fps, and much more makes this point and shoot camera a formidable option.

Specs and Features

  • 16.4MP CMOS sensor
  • 5x optical zoom
  • 2.7” LCD display
  • Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and freeze proof
  • 1920 x 1080 HD video recording
  • Wireless technology
  • 2x digital zoom
  • 2.7-watt hours lithium battery
  • 10fps continuous shooting and bursts to 60fps
  • 9 cm max focus
  • f3.9 – F4.9 max aperture range
  • 140 mm max focal length
  • 1/2000 of a second max shutter speed
  • 4,608 max horizontal resolution

Be sure to share this review with all your friends and family as these waterproof point and shoot cameras will allow you all to capture those amazing moments in life which you won’t want to miss. After picking up your new shooter, be sure to come back and share your experience with the rest of the community.