Top 5 Water Proof Shower Curtains

White and Blue Shower Curtain

Taking a shower after a long hard day is the best way to de-stress yourself. A long shower or bath gives you a relaxing moment where you can think, but think only positively. In your bathroom, you need waterproof shower curtains. A good waterproof shower curtain dries quickly and keeps the mold and mildew away. There are plenty of shower curtains out there in the market and with each color and design, you get confused to choose one.

Instead of choosing the color and design, choose size and fabric to make sure that you are buying waterproof curtains. The better the fabric of the curtain the better it will be to clean. Most of the shower curtains don’t last forever. Sometimes you buy curtains that don’t match your bathroom décor. You can simply spend money on decent and water repellent fabric shower curtains that match your bathroom décor.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Buying the best waterproof shower curtains would be a difficult thing for you to do because of the variety in colors, patterns, designs, manufacturing, materials, etc. To make it easier for you, we have shortened down the list with the top 5 shower curtains that you can buy for your moisture-rich bathroom. 

Before buying any of the shower curtains, make sure that they are made of highly tested and high-quality polyester fabric that makes your curtain a lightweight curtain. The material used for manufacturing the curtain defines if the curtain is water repellent or not. If it is made of pure cotton or linen or any other type of clothing used in the manufacturing of curtains, it will not be a waterproof curtain. 

A plastic-made waterproof shower curtain is nothing but pollutes the environment. Buy an eco-friendly shower curtain that does not emit any kind of toxic chemicals in the air. Toxic chemicals can pollute your bathroom and your surroundings. Make sure that the curtains are chlorine, odor, and toxic-free. 

Taking a hot bath makes steam in the shower or bathtub, this steam then reacts with metal grommets. If they are not rust-free, they will catch rust and decompose with time. Later on, your shower curtains would be leaning on the rod in a bad way. It will also disturb your privacy while taking a shower or bath. Before buying any shower curtain, make sure that the metal grommets are rust-free. All of the mentioned curtains are having rust-free metal grommets. 

Some of the shower curtains are so lightweight that they sometimes even fly in the air with a little air in the bathroom. It sometimes happens due to the material they are made of or because of not the proper size. Make sure that you are buying the proper size of the curtains for your bathtub or shower. 

Lastly, the design, pattern, or color you are looking for in your bathroom should match your décor. If it is not matching the décor, then buying a dissimilar shower curtain would not be a wise decision. Think of the color scheme before buying any shower curtain. 

Where to Buy

Biscaynebay Hotel Quality Fabric Shower Curtain Liners, Water Resistant Bathroom Curtains, Rust Resistant Grommets Top Weighted Bottom Machine Washable, Navy 72 Inch by 72 Inch

ARICHOMY Shower Curtain Set Bathroom Fabric Fall Curtains Waterproof Colorful Funny with Standard Size 72 by 72 (Blue)

Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner 8G EVA Thick Shower Curtain No Smell with Heavy Duty 3 Bottom Magnets, Stain Resistant Shower Liner for Shower Stall, Bathtubs, 3D Pebble Pattern, 72 x 72,12 Hooks

SHU UFANRO Shower Curtain Polyester Fabric Waterproof Shower Curtains for Bathroom Machine Washable

iDesign Waterproof PEVA Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner - 72" x 72", Frost


Top 5 Water Proof Shower Curtains

Biscaynebay Shower Curtains 

The standard-width fabric shower curtains by Biscaynebay’s come in a variety of patterns and colors. The superior quality and eco-friendly polyester liner of the curtain serves the long life and healthy use of the curtains. The curtains thick but they are soft to withstand the moisture in the bathroom. The fabric used in these shower curtains makes them excellent water repellent and soaks the water.

The fabric repels the water and keeps the water inside the shower or bathtub. The colorful variety of these shower curtains make it easier for you to décor your bathroom with waterproof shower curtains. You can easily wash them in the machine and they are fade and wrinkle resistant. 

ARICHOM Water Proof Shower Curtains

If you are looking for patterned shower curtains for your moisture-rich bathroom, then these would be the best to buy. They are made from a polyester fabric that has been tested thoroughly to withstand the moisture-rich bathroom. They are excellent water repellent shower curtains. The water droplets on the curtain bead up like a seed pearl that rolls down a lotus leaf. It also helps to keep your bathroom fresh and clean. 

The blue color, simple design, and looks make it best for your bathroom décor in blueish color. These shower curtains are non-toxic, chlorine-free, and eco-friendly for your use. You can easily wash these curtains in a machine without using bleach. 

EVA Thick Water Proof Shower Curtains

The thick, strong, and sturdy waterproof shower curtains do not fly in the air because of the wind. They do not stick to the walls or you while taking a shower or bathing in a bathtub. The three magnets in the bottom are to keep the liner in place. Hence, water gets no space to go out of the bathing area, or onto the floor from the bathtub. 

The Liner of the EVA shower curtain gives a healthier environment in a bathroom because of no odor, no chlorine, and non-toxic material. It is also stain-resistant. The 3D design makes it attractive because of the modern and classy pearl white 3D pebble design. The design allows enough light to pass through the curtains and maintains your privacy. The double layers of the curtain make it more durable and prevent tearing. 

SHU UFANRO Water Proof Shower Curtains

These shower curtains by SHU UFANRO are recommended for those who are looking for brown and white theme shower curtains. The curtain is made of durable polyester that withstands moisture-rich bathroom environments. Waterproofing of the curtains makes sure that the water dries and glides off the curtain quickly. The high-quality polyester used in these shower curtains allows a swift curtain drying. 

These shower curtains are suitable for every kind of bathroom because of their simple and modern looks. To keep your bathroom dry and fresh, buy these decent and non-toxic waterproof shower curtains for your shower and bathtub. They are machine washable. To make it easier for you, they come with 12 hooks that require less effort for installation. 

iDesign Water Proof PEVA Bathroom Shower Curtains

These durable waterproof shower curtains can be used separately or with any of your favorite shower curtains. The fabric used in these curtains repels the water and keeps your bathroom floors off the water. Wet flower makes it risky while walking barefoot on the bathroom tile. These shower curtains come with mildew and mold resistance.

It makes it easier to clean them even with a damp cloth. The grommets made up of metal are rust-resistant to stand up to the daily use of the shower. The odorless and chlorine-free shower curtains are good for your healthy bathroom environment. 


After a shower or bath in the bathtub, you are having water on the floor. Not an issue anymore, because we have mentioned the top 5 waterproof shower curtains. All of these shower curtains are having a water-repellent fabric and material that keeps the water as dew on a lotus leaf. It does not allow the water to go outside the shower or bath area. 

They are eco-friendly and you can use them in your moisture-rich bathroom without worrying about toxic material in any of them. They are also durable and long-lasting shower curtains.