Top 5 Unlocked BLU Smartphones in 2021

BLU may not be one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world, but they definitely have the potential to be. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive handset that does virtually everything the larger names in the business does then checking out their latest lineup is a must. BLU has made quite a name for themselves as they’ve managed to appeal to budget minded consumers to advanced level smartphones which are 100% unlocked.

Unlocked BLU smartphones appeal to a wide array of users, and not just those looking to pick up a new handset for cheap. These 100% unlocked Android smartphones offer everything you want including dual cameras, sleek designs, Amoled displays, native storage, latest versions of Android operating system, and much more. Finding the hottest handset may not be enough as these smartphones allow you to move freely from carrier to carrier without restrictions.

The following review showcases the Top 5 Unlocked BLU Smartphones in 2021 which you can pick up right now.

Where to Buy

BLU Advance 5.0 - Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphone - US GSM - Black

BLU Studio X8 HD - 5.0" GSM Unlocked Smartphone -White

BLU Studio Selfie 2 - GSM Unlocked Smartphone - Gold

BLU Vivo XL Smartphone - 5.5" 4G LTE - GSM Unlocked - Solid Gold

BLU LIFE ONE X2 - 4G LTE Unlocked Smartphone - 16GB+2GB RAM - Grey