Top 5 Underwater Digital Cameras in 2018 For Budget Minded Consumers

Whoever told you that the camera doesn’t make all the difference, be sure tell them they’re 100% wrong. The quality, or the entire photography and cinematography experience has everything to do with the camera you choose and this couldn’t be any closer to the truth when taking a dive into the water. Taking pictures under the deep blue sea has become a true art form, but the quality of the picture is only as good as the quality of the camera.

This is where choosing the best underwater digital camera comes into play. You definitely don’t want to get out there and subject yourself and settle for second best or features that you just knew you wanted, but decided to settle for something less. The digital revolution has made high quality underwater cameras much more affordable than in year’s past and with must have features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a whole slew of others built right in, you’ll find yourself creating experiences and not just capturing them.

The following review details the Top 5 Underwater Digital Cameras in 2018 which are not only affordable, but will truly make or break your experience.

1. AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof DV Camcorder – 10.0

For those looking to get into the water without having to break the bank, the #1 underwater camera in this review is specifically for you. The budget friendly, high quality digital camera from Akaso sports 4K recording, is Wi-Fi capable and records in an immersive ultra HD resolution. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an underwater digital camera for under $100, but we did, and the best part is that it’s one of the best performing models out there.

The Akaso EK7000 is dressed to impress as it boasts a durable, but stylish surround which is fully waterproof to depths of 100 feet. The 4K recording is an added bonus as this professional HD digital camera gives you up to 25 frames per second. Complete with a 2.4G wireless wrist remote, 2 rechargeable batteries giving you 90-minutes on each, and a Wi-Fi and HDMI capable sports camera is an amazing deal at this price.

Specs and Features

  • 4K ultra HD camera
  • 12MP camera
  • 2.4G wireless wrist remote included
  • 2 rechargeable 1050 mAh batteries included, 90 minutes each
  • Wi-Fi and HDMI
  • 170-degree wide angle capturing
  • AC charger included

2. Cymas Full HD 1080P 2.0 Inch Sports Action Camera – 9.8

Cymas introduced an underwater capture which records in full 1080p HD. This high and highly affordable digital camera features a 2.0 high definition display which is great for viewing and video playback. Giving you the full cinematography experience thanks to the super wide angle lens which makes pictures and video come to life.

This Cymas camera comes in just over $50 which Amazon is giving you nearly 25% off the regular price. At this price you definitely won’t go wrong and considering nothing but rave reviews for previous consumers which has helped it garner 2nd in this review. Boasting HD recording with 30fps and with a WXGA/VGA camera you can take advantage of both video and still-photos for the entire experience.

Complete with a micro SD card slot, 900 mAh battery which gives you 3-hours of recording time and 16 mounting accessories included you’ll have everything you need to capture and share your underwater experiences.

Specs and Features

  • 900 mAh battery for 3 hours of continuous use
  • HD recording in 1080p @ 30fps
  • Micro SD card slot for expandable 32GB storage
  • 16 mounting accessories included
  • 2.0 HD display
  • 6-layers of glass lens
  • Waterproof and durable case included
  • WVGA and VGA camera

3. SJCAM SJ5000X Elite WiFi 4K 24fps 2K30fps Gyro Sports DV 2.0 LCD NTK96660 Diving Waterproof – 9.8

For those who are looking for just a bit more and don’t mind spending a couple more bucks, then meet the SJCAM Elite. This high quality underwater digital camera is completely waterproof and can be submerged to depths of well over 100 feet. This is the first underwater camera to offer a 2.0 LCD screen and is fully outfitted with a Sony image sensor. The Elite gives you both 2K and 4K video recording to a frame rate of 24fps.

The SJCAM Elite is Wi-Fi enables, features a built in microphone, time and date display, a Gyro Anti-Shake image stabilization sensor, and has a 6 glass overlay which significantly reduces light sensitivity and background exposure. Highlight features include a Sony IMX078 sensor, wide angle lens, and motion detection, and auto power on/off.

Specs and Features

  • 2.0 LCD screen
  • Sony IMX078 sensor
  • 6G glass
  • 2G and 4G recording to a 24fps
  • Wi-Fi
  • Microphone
  • VGA 240fps mode

4. New AR 4K Full Ultra HD WIFI 2.0″LCD Waterproof Diving Sports Action Camera – 9.7

Another digital camera which is waterproof which is definitely worth considering if you’re on a budget is the New AR 4K underwater camera. Giving you recording capability in full 4K ultra HD resolution which displays your feeds and images on a very nice 2.9” LCD display. Perfect for diving and leisure activities both under and on top of the water, the New AR allows you to control the camera wirelessly with the included 2.4G remote control which secures right to your wrist.

The 4K ultra HD video recorder can be taken to depths nearly 100 feet, 30 meters. The 12-MP snapper gives you lifelike and amazing still photos or at the touch of a button you can be recording in ultra-HD resolution. Complimented by a 170 degree 6G wide angle lens using a variety of modes such as Self Timer, Continuous Shooting, Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Sound Recording, and much more.

Specs and Features

  • 2.0-inch HD screen
  • 2G and 4G recording to 24fps
  • Waterproof to 30 meters
  • 170° 6G wide-angle fish-eye Lens
  • Includes 2.4G remote controller which attaches to your wrist
  • Android and IOS apps
  • Expandable storage to 32GB with micro SD card
  • 7 v Li-ion battery
  • Wi-Fi

5. Nikon COOLPIX AW100 16 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera – 9.6

For those looking for the ultimate experience and don’t mind paying for it, the Nikon COOLPIX is for you. This digital camera is not only waterproof, but it’s also shockproof, freeze proof, and is durable and rugged enough to use in any environmental condition. The Coolpix has become a top-seller on Amazon with nearly 1100 positive reviews from consumers just like you.

The Nikon Coolpix can be fully submerged to depths of 33 feet, can withstand drops up to 5 feet, and is highly reliable in frigid temperatures reaching 14 degrees F. Outfitted with a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor which produces some of the most lifelike images with buffers for low light sensitivity and has a super-fast operation.

Specs and Features

  • 3.0” TFT LCD anti-reflective display
  • 5X zoom
  • Video recording in full HD 1080p
  • Built in GPS, mapping, compass
  • 16MP CMOS Sensor
  • Durable, rugged surround
  • Displays points of interest and latitude/longitude
  • Waterproof to depths of 33 feet
  • Can withstand all temperature extremes
  • Shockproof and freeze proof to 14 degrees F

For anything more than what’s detailed above such as other budget friendly underwater digital cameras which you don’t see in this review or any of the above, be sure to drop us a comment in the section below.

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