Top 5 Scrapbook Storage Ideas for Arts and Crafts

Who doesn’t like arts, crafts, and scrapbooking? The idea of taking your own creative ideas and putting them to work to create something truly unique and meaningful has become the lost art of arts and crafts and something that takes a great deal of passion, creativity, and brings out the best aspects of our own past, present and future. The ability to create from an idea with our own two hands is something that has become extremely popular which has become the perfect hobby for people of all ages and interests.

If you’re into arts, crafts and scrapbooking you’ve probably already realized that storing your supplies is something that you never considered, until now. Most of us have used the junk drawer in our kitchen, but considering how valuable our crafts supplies there are definitely better options. Whether you’re looking for storage for a couple of pencils, pictures, and other smaller items or a larger storage option which can be portable at the same time we have already considered it all below.

The following review focuses on the Top 5 Scrapbook Storage Ideas for Arts and Crafts which can be used for the beginner or lifelong enthusiast in you.

1. Tombow Storage Tote Bag for Dual Brush Pens, Arts and Crafts Supplies – 10.0

The best option for storing your arts and crafts this year is a storage tote bag from Tombow Storage. This very versatile bag makes it conveniently possible to take your arts, crafts and scrapbooking supplies on the go which is a great option for children and adults alike. The enthusiast in you deserves a great storage option, and at nearly 45% with the current Amazon promotion this is an amazing deal.

The Tote Bag boasts plenty of storage for dual brush pens and virtually any other supplies you may have lying around. Made from high quality and durable canvas with solid zipper enclosures gives you plenty of individualized storage space for all your supplies. With two mesh pockets, easy to hold handle, and the right size to hold an entire set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens and the upright stand allowing you to organize all 96 color options.

2. IRIS Extra Large 4 x 6 Inch Photo and Embellishment Craft Keeper – 9.8

This simple but highly versatile 4×6 inch plastic craft keeper from IRIS holds more than 100 photos. The perfect scrapbooking companion giving you ample space for supplies, pictures, and a whole lot more. Inside, there are 16 storage cases which allows you to conveniently organize your photos can be used for storing pictures alone or as a craft keeper.

The contents stored will be kept tucked away and secure thanks to the snap tight enclosures. On the inside of the storage cases your supplies will be more than secure with the rounded corners which will prevent damaging anything you have inside.

3. ArtBin Super Satchel Removable Divider Box – Art Craft Storage Container – 9.7

ArtBin introduced a small, convenient, and very portable storage container which is a great option for storing smaller arts, crafts, and scrapbook supplies. The plastic tote has a handle for easy carrying and the secure latches will secure your contents inside. Featuring 3 fixed compartments and 12 removable dividers which allow you to pick and choose the size of your storage compartments allows you to easily organize your smaller crafts for everyday use.

4. South Shore White Crea Collection Craft Table – 9.6

This Craft Table from South Shore is a true enthusiasts dream as it doubles as a desk with more than enough storage to hold all of your arts and crafts. The complete station which offers you an all-in-one solution and is easy to match any room décor with three color options to choose from including white, brown, and black.

The Crea Collection Craft Table comes in at 53-1/2-inch wide by 23-3/4-inch deep while giving you even more flexibility with side models which can be moved to either side. The Crea Collection is a complete collection as you can truly expand your storage options with white bookcases and other Stor It items. Featuring a central drawer, deep sliding compartment, open storage spaces, side drawer, and more options built right in, this is truly the best option for everyday crafters.

5. Art Bin Super Satchel Scrapbooking Storage Case Rack – 9.5

A larger, but simple storage option is the Super Satchel Scrapbooking Storage Case Rack which is an all-in-one solution for all your arts and crafts supplies. Featuring 6 large super sets of rails which allow you to store all sizes of satchel boxes including slim, double deep and standard sizes. The easy slide out system allows you to easily access all of your arts and crafts in a neat, organized storage rack.

This Art Bin classic has become one of the top sellers on Amazon, and currently it’s listed at nearly 50% off with free shipping for Prime members. You can expand your storage in the same neat manner as the cubes are stackable which gives you the same efficiency and even more storage options.

ArtBin 6855SC Super Satchel Cube
List Price: $54.99
Price: $47.99
You Save: $7.00
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This review on the best Scrapbook Storage Ideas are our top rated options for this year and thousands of consumers seem to fully agree with us. If you have any ideas of what should be in this review or experience with any of the above products be sure to leave us a comment in the section below.

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