Top 5 Soda Makers

Soda makers have become increasingly popular as it allows you to create your own favorite drinks right in the comfort of your own home. Giving you the ability to invent carbonated drinks by instantly turning tap water and other types of water into a unique sparkling drink. The idea of creating your own drink by adjusting the fizziness by using different amounts of carbon and flavor is best suited for those looking to be creative with their own sparkling drinks.

There are many different types of soda makers which have their own features, and depending on exactly what you’re looking for you’re sure to find one for you. The hard-part is determining exactly what you want and finding the right product to make it all happen. SodaStream is one of the biggest names in the business, but there are others who are slowly emerging giving your own touch of class on sparkling water.

The following review focuses on the Top 5 Soda Makers  while considering all you need to know.

Where to Buy

SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit, Black

SodaStream Fountain Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit, Red

SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker, Black and Silver

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker, Carbonates Any Drink, with 3 oz CO2 Test Cylinder (Matte Black)

SodaStream Power Metal Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit, Black