Top 5 Smart Home Wall Switches and Plugs in 2018

Wall switches and plugs are part of almost each and every home around the globe. They are used for a safe access to electricity and buying the best ones out of them is very important because you can’t afford to bear a high electric shock while turning off your mobile charger or plugging out your washing machine.

The new innovation in the field of electronics completely outwashes such risks. Companies have now introduced Smart Wall Switches and Plugs which means that you can turn off any of the switch at your home within just a blink of an eye. You simply have to tap your phone and the switch turns off. You don’t have to go even near to it. The smart switches are Wi-Fi controllable and you can alter them by your smartphone.

The below-mentioned reviews shall focus on the Top 5 Smart Home Wall Switches and Plugs in 2018.

1. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch – 9.8

The TP-Link company is growing larger day by day and they are introducing such gadgets which are cheap and facilitate people. The Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch is one such gadget. This Wi-Fi Light Switch lets you control your lights and ceiling fans etc. from anywhere around the world with the HS200. The smart switch can be easily installed as a traditional light switch. It can connect you to your home Wi-Fi in just a few minutes through the Kasa App.

You can even set a daily schedule based on your routine and preferences for the app. For example, on a warm sunny day, you can program the ceiling fans to automatically turn on at 4 PM, right one hour before leaving for your home, so you can enjoy a comfortable evening. The smart switch is adjusted itself in accordance to varying sunset and sunrise times.

Specs and Features

  • Smartphone controllable through Kasa App.
  • Use Away-Mode (Turn on lights to give the appearance that you are at home).
  • Remote check on devices (no hub required).
  • Works on the neutral
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Output voltage: 120 – 220V.

2. GE Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle – 9.7

The GE Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle is yet a more specific smart switch. It is basically a smart outlet switch to which individual appliances such as a lamp or a LED up to 600 watts, can be attached. The receptacle enables a full wireless control for your appliance from the Z-Wave controlled outlet.

The Duplex Receptacle can be easily located in a dark room with the Blue LED indicator which is already fitted in it. It also works with the Alexa for voice control, but however, it does requires a hub. Its design and color match most standard wall plates.

3. ZEEFO 7 Days Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer- 9.6

The ZEEFO 7 Days Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer is exactly what you need for your mobile chargers, coffee makers, sandwich makers, toasters and all other such electrical appliances which need to be turned off after a particular time. There are 8 independent time-based settings, the minimum for 1 second and maximum for 7 days.

The digital timer is an energy saver; it automatically cuts power after the timer expires. It is a certified product as it has the ETL America safety certificate. The maximum output is 15A i.e. 1875W to ensure your safety. With a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, you can get this product in just $12.49 at Amazon. The LCD display along with a red and green indicator which indicate the plug-in and charging respectively.

4. WiOn 50055 Indoor Wi-Fi Wall Tap- 9.5

Now you can remotely control and monitor your lights and other such appliances with your smartphone from anywhere around the world with the Woods WiOn indoor outlet. You can save the energy by monitoring the power usage of a plugged in device, schedule your sandwich maker to have your sandwiches ready when you walk in the door to your home or turn off your upstairs fan from the comfort of your bed. Simple control of each and every of your electronic device, all at your fingertips.

With the WiOn smart switches, you can connect wirelessly to all of your favorite devices using this feature-filled products. No new electrical wiring required! No need to buy expensive side electronic products. The WiOn indoor Wi-Fi outlet can easily fit in your existing electrical devices to completely modernize and adjust your home, at fully affordable prices.

The switch can be controlled through a user friendly app which connects your device to the smartphone using your own Wi-Fi network, and it is also compatible on mobile internet (3G/4G/LTE). There are no hubs required, no set-up fees, and even no monthly charges. You can expand your system to your very own comfort i.e. you can include multiple outdoor and indoor smart switches, which do anything and everything, from lighting up the front porch to turning on the outdoor Christmas decorations automatically.

5. D-Link Smart Plug- 9.4

The mydlink Smart Wi-Fi Plug (DSP-W110) is a small, compact and easy-to-use device which allows you to regulate, monitor and control the electronic devices of your home from anywhere. You can install the free mydlink Home app to check the status of your electronic devices and turn them on or off, create on/off schedules according to your routine and preferences and push alert notifications are automatically sent to your phone when a device has been turned on or off.

It thus also proves as a beneficial security system whereby you can be alarmed by the turning on of your devices, when you are away from your home. The mydlink Home app allows you to switch your devices, remotely and change your schedules during a trip, so now you do not have to worry about leaving your devices on when you’re away from your home.

The above-mentioned short reviews tell about the top 5 nonstick Smart switches and plugs of 2018. Do give us a feedback of the product you found the best in the comments section below.

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