Top 5 Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Have you ever considered traveling by yourself? Traveling alone has several advantages, such as the freedom to see new locations at your speed without having to wait for or catch up to other travelers. You will not become overburdened by the demands and schedules of others. You also have more time to yourself to take in the stunning surroundings, leisurely meals, and additional time spent at the sites or activities that most interest you.

It is common to have some anxiety or unease when considering traveling alone, particularly if you are considering a journey to a foreign nation where you might not know anyone. Fortunately, there are a few shrewd strategies for being secure when traveling alone. The following five ideas will make you feel more at ease when you travel alone.

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Make an Emergency Plan

Ideally, you will not experience any health problems, mishaps, or theft while on the road. But it is a good idea to know who to contact in case something bad happens. Before you go, look up the local police departments, hospitals, and other emergency services. Learn some emergency words in the local tongue if you are going abroad so you can get assistance if you need it.

Before you depart, make sure you have the necessary vaccinations by seeing your physician or a travel clinic. Bring plenty of any prescription medication you might require, face masks, hand sanitizer, and supplies to keep yourself safe from mosquitoes and other potentially infectious pests when you pack. To assist in preventing sicknesses when traveling, it is a good idea to study the safety of fresh fruit, drinking water, and dining venues at your locations.

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Avoid Reckless Behaviors and Use Common Sense

Many of the following pieces of advice are applicable no matter where you travel alone, even to your hometown.

  • Keep your beverages in your direct line of sight and limit your alcohol intake. Never go anywhere with a stranger by yourself.
  • Whether you are driving, hiking, or strolling, be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you are uneasy, go to a restaurant or another public area where plenty of people are around.
  • Say you are heading to meet your spouse, a relative, or a friend if someone asks whether you are going alone.

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Secure Your Valuables


When you go out, simply bring the essentials, such as your phone, a credit card, some cash, identification, and a copy of your passport. Store these away discreetly in a visible and safe bag at all times. Keep bags containing these goods up and in your direct line of sight. 


You should also keep a photocopy of your passport in case it is lost or stolen, just in case. Store the duplicate passport in a secure location apart from your original passport. Think about giving a copy to a friend or relative back home as well. When traveling by train, bus, or other means of transportation, it is also critical to maintain your vigilance and keep your possessions near at hand. Keep valuables like jewelry, additional cash, your real passport, and other vital papers secure in the hotel safe.

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Share Your Travel Plans with Trusted Family or Friends and Stay Connected

Provide a relative or friend back home with your trip schedule, hotel reservation information, and specifics on any activities you have planned. Additionally, before going on any solo adventures, inform the hotel personnel of your plans and your anticipated return time.

Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), a free program that enables American citizens and residents living abroad to plan their trip with the closest U.S. Consulate or Embassy. Enrolling in STEP guarantees that the embassy will provide you with crucial information on the safety circumstances in your destination country, enabling you to make well-informed travel plans. The US benefits from the STEP service. The embassy is more aware of your whereabouts and has your emergency contact information. It also makes it easier for friends and relatives to contact you in an emergency.

To maintain some level of connectivity with friends, family, or job when traveling alone, find out from your smartphone carrier what features will be needed where you are going. When connected to Wi-Fi, checking in via social media or email is also effective.

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Do Your Safety Research and Choose Wisely

Find out which neighborhoods are the safest at your location and whether there are any places you should avoid. Discover the safest routes to travel on and the top public transit options. Selecting accommodations with high safety ratings might be aided by learning more about the destination.

If at all feasible, book a room above the first floor that is close to the hotel’s facilities and lobby. After checking in, keep your door closed and the security chain attached while you are in your room, and if you are not expecting guests or hotel workers, do not answer the door.

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Benefits of Traveling Alone

You are In Total Control

Group travel may often become problematic. How come? Because diverse individuals have varying beliefs, values, interests, lifestyles, and financial constraints! It requires flexibility and a readiness to give up things, which is difficult when you are traveling once in a lifetime. Traveling alone is a thousand times easier.

In other words, you make the decisions about what to do, where to go, when to eat, and when to sleep. You have the freedom to decide how to spend the day as you have no one else to worry about.

You Get Lonely, But Not Too Lonely

Traveling alone always brings with it a certain amount of loneliness and sadness. This is normal, right? You are far from home, surrounded by strangers, and all by yourself on the other side of the globe! It would be strange if you never experienced loneliness or occasional homesickness. In the same way, there will undoubtedly be many times when you feel worn out, stressed, or uncomfortable.

However, as they say, “This too shall pass.” No matter how awful things become while driving, 99.9% of the time you will quickly feel better, the issue will go away on its own, or you will figure out a solution.

You Become More Self-Confident

Why go on a solo trip? Your confidence will certainly rise as well. Going on a journey by yourself, after all, requires you to solve problems, get things done on your own, talk to people, get over obstacles, and so on. You are aware of your abilities. It dawns on you that you could have been restraining yourself. You also learn that you can overcome difficulty without anybody else’s assistance. The result of the aforementioned is naturally increased self-confidence!

You Have Time and Silence

Our fast-paced society honors long hours and hard labor. It might be uncommon to get much alone time or space in daily life because everything is so hectic and demanding! We are always running around completing tasks.

However, when you go alone, this situation is completely reversed. All of a sudden, you have unlimited time to spend alone yourself, free from outside pressures! It is a chance to take a step back, give yourself some room, and think things out. Levels of stress disappear. And introspection and a new outlook on life begin.

You Gain Perspective

When you travel alone, you have a lower chance of experiencing other people’s perspectives on the world. Once more, you are frequently alone with the new places and cultures you are discovering. It is similar to seeing an Instagram photo in its original format without the filter applied. You become free of the influence of other people’s beliefs and values when the shroud lifts. It is up to you to make your own decisions.

Alternatively, you can travel with someone who comes from a very different background after meeting them. They are so different from your buddies back home that they change your perspective on life and provide you with a new perspective. 

Traveling alone has the power to transform anything. After leaving the safety of your own house, you could begin to think, feel, and behave very differently. Or you may, in the words of the old travel cliche, “find yourself.” 

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After thoroughly reading these safety tips, as well as some benefits for solo traveling, enjoy going around the world. These tips may help you have an enjoyable trip even when you are going solo.