Top 5 Designer Luggage Sets for the Business Professional

Ever felt like you are going on a business trip but do not have the right luggage set to carry your stuff? Well, many of you might have faced this problem because the majority have luggage sets which are kind of fancy and not at all appropriate for a formal business trip. For this purpose, a premium luggage set is essential.

If you are a business professional and are looking for a great luggage set, we can quite a lot help you out in finding the best one for your tour as well. Get the best premium luggage set and have a great business trip without any embarrassment.

Read the following review which focuses on the Top 5 Designer Luggage Sets for the Business Professional.

1. Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 Piece Set – 10.0

The Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 Piece Set is a great 3-piece luggage set which has been crafted out of 100% Polycarbonate. It is a supreme high-quality set which is also imported. The 3-piece set contains 3 different spinners each of which are 20, 24, and 28 in size. It has a very elegant squared full capacity design which not only helps in giving the maximum space but also gives out the elegant look.

Having a full-zip interior with several organization pockets, you can carry a lot of extras in it as well. Being lightweight, it becomes easy to carry and only the luggage’s weight counts in. The side mounted TSA Lock makes it secure and safe so you never fear regarding any losing of important business documents. The set has been designed in a flexible manner which can resist the stress and then return to original shape and protect all the items as well.

Specs and Features

  • 100% Polycarbonate
  • 20, 24, and 28 in size
  • Elegant squared-full capacity design
  • TSA Lock
  • Maximum space allotted
  • Can resist stress and return to original shape keeping things unharmed

2. Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner 20, 24, 28 – 10.0

The Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner 20 24 28 is another 3-piece set by Samsonite which is also a great choice for all the business professionals out there. It has been made out of 100% Polycarbonate and is imported as well. Having a nylon lining, we can say that it can resist some water as well. The Micro diamond texture is extremely scratch-resistant which helps in keeping the case beautiful and in new condition even after some damage.

Having re-engineered and lightweight spinner wheels, the luggage set brings you effortless mobility and you can easily take it anywhere. It can be expanded from all sides. Having a full-zip interior, there is a quite spacious area for all your luggage. It also has a TSA lock for the comfort of your state of mind. It is available in several decent yet elegant colors as well which include Black, Caribbean Blue, Radiant Pink, Teal, Burnt Orange, Navy, Purple, Reg Caribbean blue, and Reg Radiant Pink as well.

3. Gabbiano The Urban Collection 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Upright Luggage Set – 9.9

The Gabbiano The Urban Collection 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Upright Luggage Set is yet again a great luggage set which has been made out of 100% Polycarbonate material. The unique part about this luggage set is the fact that there is a beautiful crocodile leather texture in it which not only makes your stuff safe but also gives a great look as well.

The sizes of all the three spinners are as follows. 21-inch upright: 21″h x 14″w x 9″d, 25-inch upright: 25″h x 17″w x 11″d and 29-inch upright: 29″h x 20″w x 12″d. The 21, 25, and 29 inch has a weight of 7.2 pounds, 8.8 pounds, and 10.3 pounds respectively. It has soft and rubberized ergonomic trolley handles which further makes it easy to carry. Having a built in lock, it is secure as well.

4. Gabbiano Provence Collection 3 Piece Upright Spinner Set – 9.6

The Gabbiano Provence Collection 3 Piece Upright Spinner Set is yet another amazing spinner set by Gabbiano. It has ABS with Polycarbonate Film which makes it super lightweight as well. Having a scratch free material with a premium look, this can be the perfect spinner set for your business trip. With a built-in combination lock, all your items are completely safe and secure.

There are shoe pockets as well so you don’t have to add shoes and clothes together. The zippers can expand for 1.5 inches for providing slightly more space. The best part about this spinner set is the fact that the company gives a 5-year limited warranty with this set so you can have tension-free purchasing experience. The sizes and weights of the spinners are mentioned in their respective order. 20-inch upright: 20″h x 15″w x 10″d / 7.6 lbs. 26-inch upright: 26″h x 18″w x 11″d / 9.73 lbs. 30-inch upright: 30″h x 20″w x 12″d / 11.7 lbs. It is available in 4 different colors of Black, Blue, Bronze, and Golden.

5. Travelpro Maxlite 4 3-Piece Set – 9.4 

Lastly, we have the Travelpro Maxlite 4 3-Piece set which is yet again a set made out of100% Polyester and also Imported.  360-degree spinner wheels are there which can assist you in moving in any direction you want to. It has a patented contour grip which adds to the comfort level of the user.

The company gives a limited lifetime warranty for this 3-piece set as well. With water repellent coating, your stuff is totally safe. The spinners are 21, 25, and 29 inches in size. Anti-break buckles also help in keeping it long lasting and durable as well.

The top 5 designer luggage sets are the best for any business professional on their trip. Recommend to others so that they can also buy these amazing designer luggage sets.

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