Top 5 Portable Induction Cooktop Burners

Induction countertop burners have increased in popularity in recent years as they make the idea of cooking right in your kitchen to anywhere imaginable. The portability, efficiency and in many cases better stovetop all-around makes these portable burners highly desirable. Induction burners use standard 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity which is found in a standard wall outlet and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

These portable countertop burners allow you to take the cooking with you which makes them perfect for the office, camping, college dorms, and virtually anywhere else you can imagine. With modern day burners offering numerous enhancements over the average stove which makes them very safe to use, saves energy, faster, and ultimately the perfect substitute in a portable version.

The following review takes a closer look at the Top 5 Portable Induction Cooktop Burners and detailing all the reasons why.

Where to Buy

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold 8100MC/BT-180G3

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Touch Sensitive Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

NuWave PIC Pro Highest Powered Induction Cooktop 1800W

Duxtop Ultra Thin Full Glass Top Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, 1500W