Top 5 Pneumatic Reciprocating Saws in 2018

Normal saws are sometimes too difficult to carry everywhere and also aren’t quite helpful for all the different types of works. If you want an ideal saw which is compact in its size and also gives a great amount of torque and power to the work, you should consider buying a pneumatic reciprocating saw.

The thing is that not every company gives you a good pneumatic reciprocating saw. No one has the time today to buy a saw, test it, and return it if it’s not good. Who wants to go through that bother and frustration? Definitely, none of us.

However, you shouldn’t go through any confusion or research because here we have brought you the reviews on the top 5 pneumatic reciprocating saws. See the reviews and compare each one of them and decide which one is best for you.

1. Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw – 9.8

The Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw is one of the best reciprocating saws available in the market. With 11-amp motor power, it provides efficiency in the work as well. It comes with variable speed option so you can alter the speed according to the types of applications. The blade and shoe changes are so quick and painless. All this is because of the tool-less adjustment feature.

The machine is double insulated and is considered ideal for framers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and general construction. It has a 1-1/8-inch-long stroke as well. To provide an extension of tool life, ball and needle bearing have been used. Externally accessible brushes provide better maintenance as well. Being lightweight, it carries a weight of only 7.1 pounds.

Coming with a plastic case for convenient storage. Having a 2-finger trigger, you can use several features while working with this saw. For keeping the dust away from the workplace, there is a built-in dust blower as well. The company gives a 1-year parts and labor warranty with this machine.

Specs and features

  • 11-amp motor
  • 2-finger trigger
  • 1-1/8-inch-long stroke
  • 1 pounds in weight
  • 1-year warranty
Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw
List Price: $99.00
Price: $89.00
You Save: $10.00
Price Disclaimer

2. Astro 930 Mini Reciprocating Air Saw – 9.8

The Astro 930 Mini Reciprocating Air Saw is yet another one which is great for car work including the body shop repair, muffler, and exhaust work as well. It can cut through all the different types of aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, and sheet metal. The adjustable blade guide makes better use of the blade and also helps in extending its life.

Customers have said that they were very much satisfied with the overall quality and the work of this reciprocating saw. The only precaution you need with this air saw is that you must keep it oiled so that it works smoothly. It can cut intricate shapes and tight radius curves on flat and curved surfaces. The saw comes with a case as well. The company offers parts and labor warranty for a set period of time.

3. Makita XRJ02Z LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw – 9.7

Makita is quite strong when it comes to electronics and so is the Makita XRJ02Z LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw. It has been built with a great motor and delivers a maximum of 2900 strokes per minute. Having variable speed option, you can use it on different types of materials as well and get your desired results. The stroke length is 1-1/8″ for faster cutting.

There is a large 2-finger variable speed trigger for added convenience. Retractable tool hook keeps everything secure when not in use. To provide you balance and comfort, the tool is made lightweight with equal balance on either side. Also, there is a rubber grip handle for increased comfort. You get a compact and ergonomic design at only 19-5/8″ long.

4. Chicago Pneumatic CP7900 Heavy Duty Reciprocating Air Saw – 9.6

The Chicago Pneumatic CP7900 Heavy Duty Reciprocating Air Saw is one of the best and safest tools because it features a lock-off throttle for protection against accidental start-ups. The adjustable guard is there to prevent accidents as well. The rear exhaust is there which keeps the air away from workplace making the work easier for you. Customers have been satisfied with these many features but there is still more to see.

With an ergonomic handle and design, you get the maximum control and the maximum grip over your saw. It has some great torque and provides a power of 10000 strokes per minute which means you can cut through different materials easily. It is considered ideal for body, exhaust and muffler work. The entire package also Includes (1) each replacement blades: 18T, 28T, 32T.

5. Chicago Pneumatic CP7901 Super Duty Reciprocating Air Saw – 9.5

On last, we have another one by Chicago Pneumatic in the form of Chicago Pneumatic CP7901 Super Duty Reciprocating Air Saw which has the power of 10000 strokes per minute. Cut through any material with all the ease and have a lock off the throttle for protection against accidental startups.

A swivel is included for making handling easier. Rear exhaust assists in keeping the air away from the workplace. You can use it for several purposes such as cutting aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, wood, and sheet metal up to 16 gauge. It weighs only 1.9 pounds which is quite low and makes it easy to carry as well.

Ergonomic handle and design make handling easier and give the user with maximum comfort. Chicago Pneumatic promises a one-year warranty for those who buy the Chicago Pneumatic CP7901 Super Duty Reciprocating Air Saw.

The top 5 pneumatic reciprocating saws in 2018 are quite useful for all the electricians, plumbers, workers, job site workers, and even car owners. Do buy yours today and also recommend to your fellows so they make a good purchase as well.

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