Top 5 Hypoallergenic Quilt Sets Under $100 in 2018

Home is a place where you not only live, but it’s also the name of a feeling. The feeling in which you sense safe, warm, relaxed and happy. There is no place like your home where you can sit back alone or with family and have an exquisite time. Homes usually have this comforting theme when it comes to the decor. All you want is to relax in a comfortable atmosphere when you come home from work etc.

But how do we take that ‘comforting’ theme to the next level? We can add a few more details to make our homes look more comforting and refreshing to our eyes and this can easily be done in our bedrooms. We can use beautiful quilt covers to add more color and comfort to our lives especially when we’re sleeping.

Let’s have a look at some of the best quilt sets that are 100% hypoallergenic and their features.

1. Elegant Comfort Quilt Set – 9.9

Elegant Comfort Quilt Set is one of the best coverlet sets. This beautiful 3-piece coverlet set gives your room a very fresh look and gives a very homely and comforting feeling. It is available in 5 different color shades. You can choose anyone which you think would look good on your bed. This quilt coverlet set is extremely comfortable as it is soft and very smooth and it’s also very warm. You can have a very relaxing and soothing sleep in it.

The coverlet is very lightweight and also made if the best quality material. 100% silky soft brushed microfiber fabric is used. This bedding set includes one beautiful coverlet and matching shams that are completely machine washable. You have to wash it by a machine or your coverlet will become very rough and hard. As its 100% hypoallergenic, you can be tension free regarding this as it kills the bacteria and gives a healthy environment.

Specs and features

  • Product Material- Microfiber
  • Washing Method- Machine Washable
  • Hygiene- Hypoallergenic
  • Comfort Level- soft and smooth. Provides a soothing and relaxing sleep.
  • Can be used as a blanket or a throw over
  • Imported Designation- Imported
  • Number of pieces included- 3
  • Guarantee is provided

2. Baltic Linen Company Luxury Mini Quilt Sets – 9.8

Baltic Linen Company has designed these supershift reversible mini quilt sets that not only look beautiful in any room but also liven up the place. It comes in 5 different amazing colors from which you can choose according to the look of your bedroom. These coverlets are very soft and can keep you warm all night, giving you the luxury to have an amazing and comfortable sleep.

Each set includes a quilt and two shams (1 sham on twin). The twin measures 66×86 Inch, the full/queen measures 86×86 Inch and the king sham measures 102×86 Inch. These quilts are super lightweight, weighing around 2.5 pounds. The quilts are easy to care as they are machine washable. As the quilts are made of super soft, easy care microfiber, they are not to be ironed.

3. Zaria Quilted Coverlet Set – 9.7

Zaria allows you to give a very refreshing look to your rooms and make it look like a great place to spend your time in. This coverlet is super comfortable as it is extremely soft and smooth and keeps you warm the whole time. It comes in white, giving you so many options to have a beautiful combination of colors on your bed. All you have to do is be a little creative. You can also use these covers like a blanket or a throw over.

These covers are of the best quality as they are made of super soft brushed fabric like cotton/polyester. It consists of three pieces: 1 oversized coverlet and 2 standard pillow shams. This set is designed to be 100% hypoallergenic which keeps the bacteria away and provides a germ-free. These covers are extremely light weighted, and the breathable microfiber cover is very soft to touch. Thus, it is washable by machine.

4. Chezmoi Collection Austin 3-piece Oversized Bedspread Coverlet Set – 9.6

Chezmoi collection of bedspread coverlet set is another one of the best quilt sets. You can make your bedroom look amazing with these coverlets and give an amazing look to it by adding more colors to the white. It all depends on how you’d want your room to look.

These covers are made of the best quality, using 100% microfiber. It is very light weighted which makes it easier to handle especially at nights. These covers are ideal for use during springs, summers, and falls. This set includes an oversized bedspread set, 1 Bedspread 100″x106″ and 2 Shams 20″x26. This product is machine washable. It can also be used as a blanket or a throw over if you feel too warm inside your quilt.

5. Web Linens Inc. Oversized-3pc Quilted Coverlet Set- White – 9.5

These white colored coverlets make your bedroom look livened up and also very beautiful. You can keep it white or can also add more colorful elements to the room to make it look more interesting. These covers are made of a very high quality. They are made of 100% polyester. When you feel it, you’ll find it very soft and smooth, which would provide you with an amazing relaxing sleep. The covers also keep you warm and you can even these quilt covers as a blanket.

Then over-sized Quilted Coverlet Set Includes 1 Oversized Coverlet 90x 96″ and 2 Standard Shams 20x 26″. It is very light weighed, weighing around 4 pounds, making it easier for you to handle it, especially at nights during sleep. This cover is known to be one of the best coverlets due to its best quality and maximum comfort level that it provides for the user.

It’s winter season and you definitely need to buy a quilt. Make sure you buy any one from above so that you get the most comfortable, warm, and cozy winters around. Do recommend it to others as well by sharing this page.

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