Top 5 Home Security DVR Kits in 2018

Modern technology has eliminated the need of a watchman. Surveillance equipment is more watchful, remains alerted round the clock, does the job without an error, able to see in the dark and communicates without hesitation. Such a thrilling advancement has provided the humanity with stunning security surveillance and it has reduced human resource very significantly.

This technology has helped reduced crime rates and saved precious lives. As per their benefits, the manufacturers are developing and increasing capacity to meet requirements and made it available for everyone on the globe. These DVR kits are used for commercial and domestic purposes. Security companies and LEAs mostly depend on this technology as well.

CCTVs in the UK alone saves 26 million photos daily, approximately four billion hours of footage is saved every week using 30 million CCTV cameras in the USA alone and the numbers are increasing fast. To keep an eye in the surroundings of your home and property, watch in the real time anywhere or record the events in your absence, you can get benefit from home surveillance DVR kits, ready to serve with the latest technology in 2018.

CCTV DVR kits record and store data on the local drives. Motion detection is a stunning feature that triggers systems to record an event and notify the owner of an incident. This feature is also very handy to save the disk space from saving still videos.

Let have a close look at the Top 5 Home Security DVR Kits in 2018.

1. View 1080P Security Camera System – 10.0

These waterproof and extremely powerful set of cameras can record in the spectacular resolution of full HD (1920x1080p) on all channels. Its package comes with the set of 4 weatherproof Bullet CCTV cameras, 8-Channel proHD CCTV DVR kit and home surveillance system under the warranty of three years. These cameras are equipped with motion detection sensor which can push notifications to your smartphone. You will be amazed by the stunning design and technical capabilities.

This generation of cameras removed old 720p systems. They were introduced with superior quality and easy to use software. It has an improved night vision and optimized range of 100-114 feet with the help of two infrared LEDS. If you are looking for the top of line DVR kit, this surveillance system offers more than your expectations and beats its competitors by quite a margin.

Specs and features

  • 24/7 surveillance with remote monitoring from smartphone and PC
  • Next generation video compression format (MPEG-4)
  • Video input is Bayonet Neill–Concelman (BNC) 8
  • RS-485 port gives control on pan-tilt and zoom
  • Internal SATA hard disk port (HDD is not included in this package

2. ELEC 8CH 1080N Security System – 10.0

This security surveillance system possesses all those features required to be at the top of the line security systems. This DVR kit comes with 4 metal weatherproof cameras at an attractive price. The system is very simple and easy to setup and install. It provides real-time coverage on 8 channels simultaneously. It is capable of watching up to 65 feet in the night and armed with motion detectors.

Boxed items include 4 cameras, a security DVR, 3000 mAh for DVR and 2000 mAh for cameras power supply, 4 (18 meters) power & video cords, a mouse and some screws along with the manual. HDD is not included in this package. ELEC 8CH provides life time technical support. The package comes with USB backup to insure flawless footage.

3. ISEEUSEE 4 Channel 720P HD DVR Kit -9.8

This DVR kit comes with preinstalled 1 Terabytes HDD, 4 high definition cameras, 4 channel DVR and a free Pro APP. The product is made user-friendly, plug & play and smartphone push notifications Pro App. Crystal clear video of 720p and MPRG-4 video compression format on the high resolution has a special feature of motion triggered recording. DVR can support HDD up to 4 TB.

A lifetime ISEEUSEE technical support is available with a one-year quality guarantee as well. This product is FCC certified. Power supply for DVR and cameras is included in the package. These cameras are weatherproof, infrared cur filter with the capability of night vision up to 90-105 feet.

4. ZOSI CCTV System Kit – 9.7

This security system kit is specially designed for indoor use. Therefore, the cameras are IP44 (Ingress Protection code) design to function in the indoor light. They have 3.6mm lens, 24 LEDs and Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) with an infrared cut image sensor. It has a built-in motion detection. A user-friendly setup provides amazingly simple connectivity.

The package contains 8 channel DVR, 4 cameras, 2000mAh Power supply, Cables, splitter, mouse, instruction manual and a software disk. Up to 10 users can access the system at a time. Like all another top of the line DVR kits, ZOSI CCTV system kit has movement detection, scheduled and manual recording modes. Pan-tilt-zoom, alarm, video push notifications and buzzer, etc. DVR supports up to 6TB HDD. The user can control operations via PC or smartphone.

5. IHOMEGUARD 1080N Home Security Camera System – 9.6

The IHOMEGUARD security system comes with IP66 cameras which is definitely superior quality then what most complete systems offer. The weatherproof aluminum housing material of these cameras can operate in temperature variations between -20℃ to 55℃. They have 60 degrees viewing angle. DVR with this package can stream 4 channels video/audio and this kit supports Wi-Fi adaptor as well.

The recording resolution of a 720p image sensor with 1500TVL surveillance system comes without HDD. Featuring 1080p HDMI output motion detection and free lifetime technical support promotes this product among the top of the line DVR surveillance systems.

It is very clear that CCTV security system has become an essential element in the security requirements. Thanks to the technology which made this solution very simple for domestic individuals as well. Reviews on the above-mentioned DVR home security systems will help you find the right solution among highest rated and tested products. If you have any question or want to submit your feedback, please use the comments section below.

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