Top 5 Home Blood Pressure Monitors in 2018

One of the easiest ways to be proactive with your own health is monitoring your blood pressure. Your blood pressure tells you much more than you think as it’s the essential way to monitor one of the silent killers in the US with one in three adult Americans diagnosed as having high blood pressure. Self-monitoring right from the comfort of your own home helps depict things that may happen without obvious signs and symptoms.

Home blood pressure monitors make it all possible and saves you trips to your doctor or your neighborhood grocery store to check what you can do at home. Technology has evolved quite a bit as these monitors are much more precise, faster, and much more efficient than ever before. Some would even say that the newer age of blood pressure monitors is actually more accurate than any reading from your doctor or emergency setting and is definitely a more convenient way to track your own health.

Below, we have reviewed the Top 5 Home Blood Pressure Monitors while considering accuracy, cost, ease of use, and so much more while breaking down the best models in 2018.

1. Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff – 10.0

Omron is definitely the biggest name in the business, and their 10 series wireless blood pressure monitor is easily the year’s best model. This sophisticated and technologically advanced option takes home monitoring to a whole new level which assures accurate readings each and every time. The Omron 10 series fits both standard and larger arms and features Bluetooth technology which allows you to view unlimited readings right on your Android or ios device.

The Omron 10 series monitor allows you to track up to 100 readings wirelessly. With Bluetooth technology built right in, you can systematically log, track and view your own readings right on your phone or tablet through Omron’s free ios and Android apps. Simply download the app to your supported handheld and you can share your readings with your doctor which includes blood pressure and heart rate.

Specs and Features

  • Multicolored readings compare recent readings with average adults
  • Wireless, Bluetooth technology
  • More storage than other models allowing you to store 200 readings and more than one person
  • Detects irregular heart beats
  • Automatically shows you the average of your last three readings
  • Trackable and shareable using the free Omron ios or Android app
  • Tracks up to 100 BP readings
  • Runs on AC or battery power
  • Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff avoids incorrect positioning by inflating over the entire arm

2. Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff – 9.9

If you’re looking for a highly accurate way to monitor your blood pressure from home, then meet the Omron 5 series. This easy to use home BP cuff and monitoring system does most everything the 10 series does, but lacks wireless and Bluetooth technology. The 5 series assures accurate results and lives up to Omron’s testament of being the #1 recommended brand by doctors and pharmacists for the past 40 years.

The Omron 5 series quickly displays the average of your past three readings taken over the past 10 minutes. This allows you to trend your readings overtime to see any fluctuation in BP and also alerts you to an irregular heart rate which is also detected. More memory included which stores up to 100 readings along with a vibrant, easy to read display with simple, intuitive controls.

3. Omron 3 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – 9.8

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative which also gives you accurate results, than considering the 3 series is the best option. This wrist blood pressure monitor and cuff has been proven clinically to give you accurate results with each and every use. The easy to use interface stores up to 60 of your most recent readings along with the date and time which can easily be accessed with the touch of a button.

The Omron 3 series has been field tested and validated for accuracy and has passed with flying colors. The advanced monitoring feature compares the past three readings over the 10-minute span while displaying your average. The hypertension indicator compares your reading with national averages and the heart rate sensor alerts you to irregular heart rates.

4. Omron 7 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff – 9.6

The 7 series by Omron fits adults of all sizes which includes both standard and large arms. This upper arm cuff and monitoring system is very comfortable, easy to use, and is very easy to adjust. The ComFit™ pre-formed cuff accurate readings as it inflates the entire cuff around the arm which avoids cuff positioning which often yields inaccurate readings.

The vibrant screen is easy to read which displays your blood pressure and heart rate reading. You’ll also see Omron’s own multicolored lights which shows you a comparison of your reading against the national average. For power, you can operate the 7 series on batteries or AC power, but neither batteries or the AC adapter are included.

5. ChoiceMMed Auto Digital Upper Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor – 9.4

ChoiceMMed introduced a digital blood pressure monitor and cuff which fits comfortably over the upper arm. Equipped with a color code indicator, large 3” LCD display, and carrying bag which makes it this ChoideMMed model highly portable.

Aside from blood pressure monitoring it also displays your heart rate right on the monitor. It stores up to 120 memories along with date and time which makes it easier than ever to track and trend your blood pressure and hear rates over time. With superior accuracy even for those who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, glycuresis, hyperlipaemia, and other chronic illnesses which many times gives a false reading.

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