Top 5 100 Piece Cheap Tool Sets for Under $100

It often happens that we are just sitting at our homes and there is a minor problem with any of our devices. For example, say, the nail for the wall clock broke and you need to drill a new one. Probably this is a very small task and many people can do it within 10 seconds. However, this task goes around taking almost an hour. Why?

This is because the majority of us don’t realize that tool sets are extremely important. It is necessary to have a good toolset at your home so that you can fix as much as you can easily without any extra charges being paid to the electrician or any time wastage.

For this reason, today, we have brought you the review of the Top 5 100 Piece Cheap Tool Sets for Under $100 so you definitely don’t have to spend a lot on a tool kit and get a good one simultaneously.

1. DEWALT DWA2FTS100 Screwdriving and Drilling Set, 100 Piece – 10.0

The DEWALT DWA2FTS100 Screwdriving and Drilling Set, 100 Piece can simply be called as the best one because

  • The brand is a quite strong one and has always satisfied its customers with great range and high quality of electronics
  • Customers are simply amazed and have shown quite a satisfaction for this 100-piece set

YES! It’s true. But Wait! This is not just it. Surprisingly, this amazing set costs even less than a 50. Have all the works done by yourself with this comprehensive and detailed screwdriving and drilling set. The items included are 30-piece IMPACT READY FlexTorq screwdriving set, 37-piece screwdriving set with Tough Case, 19-piece screwdriving set with Tough Case, and 14-piece gold ferrous Pilot Point drilling set as well.

The screw driving sets have been heat treated to provide maximum life and have the magnets with them to keep you away from a mess. On the other hand, the drilling set has a Pilot Point tip which starts on contact and drills very clean and accurate holes with minimum lock-up on the breakthrough. Also, there is a no-spin shank. The best thing is that more than 85% of the buyers were satisfied and it has been awarded as the best seller on as well. It also features DEWALT’s popular bits which can be used for several purposes. The items are long lasting as they have high quality and will definitely not break even in any rough circumstances.

Specs and features

  • Bestsellers
  • Maximum life with magnets (screwdrivers)
  • Pilot point tip (Drills)
  • Long lasting
  • Highly Recommended
  • Maximum customer satisfaction

2. WEN 2307 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit with 100-Piece Accessories – 10.0

The WEN 2307 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit with 100-Piece Accessories is again a 100-piece set which has several items including Felt Polishing Wheels, High-Speed Cutters, Grinding Stones, Sanding Discs, Cut-Off Wheels, Dressing Stone, Sander Bands, Drum Sander, Mandrels, Drill Bits, Collets and Bit-Changing Spanner Wrench as well.

The best part is the rotary tool which can be used for several purposes such as sand, cut, grind, or drill as well. Remove rust or detail wood and metal. Everything is under your control. With variable speed from 8000 to 30000 RPM, you can choose according to your need. It has a 1-amp motor. All items have been Backed by a one-year warranty making the quality assurance for the customer.

3. ABN 100 Piece Tamper Security Bit Set Metric and SAE Standard – 9.9

The ABN 100 Piece Tamper Security Bit Set Metric and SAE Standard is a perfectionist toolkit which includes a variety of tools such as (4) Spanner, (6) Metric Hex Tamper Proof, (6) Fractional Hex Tamper Proof, (8) Phillips, (8) PDrive, (9) Slotted, (9) Metric Hex, (10) Fractional Hex, (9) Torx, (9) Torx Tamper Proof, (1) Wing Nut Driver, (3) Clutch, (3) Torque, (3) Spline, (4) Tri-Wing, (4) Square Recess, (1) hook driver bit, (1) 50mm socket adaptor, (1) 1/4″ x 1/4″ socket adaptor, (1) 1/4″ x 1/4″ bit adapter, (1) 60 mm Magnetic Bit Holder, and (1) Storage case for holding all these items. With Tamper security and SAE standard, you can remove any type of crew.

Open up any electronic item or even use them on furniture, automotive parts, and many other items as well. The set is secured in a sturdy case so you don’t lose any of your items. The bits given with this set are made out of hardened chrome vanadium steel which makes them super powerful as well. The set is of great value but what the users have said and what we recommend is that you buy this toolkit only for light purposes and not the heavier tasks because you might end up destroying something.


4. 100 Piece Computer Technician Tool Kit – 9.7

The 100 Piece Computer Technician Tool Kit is for all the computer technicians looking for a toolkit. This is probably the best toolkit you can have for your computer. With a Slim Zipper Case, you have all your items safe and secured in a proper case as well.

The items included are 39 pcs Assorted Bits and 4 pcs Mini Spanner. Also, there is an antishock wrist band so that you don’t get any electric shock while working on a computer. There are needle nose pliers as well for working on extreme precision as well. It has a reversible ratchet handle as well.


5. Neiko 10048 Security Bit 100-piece Set – 9.5

On last we have the Neiko 10048 Security Bit 100-piece Set which is tamper proof and includes several different items such as 8-pc Phillips and 8-pc Pozi drive so that you can use them for different security purposes. Also, there are 9-pc Slotted, 9-pc Torx Star and 9-pc tamper proof Torx Star which will assist you in cracking the security to certain levels as well maybe. The 9-pc Metric Hex along with 6-pc tamper proof Metric Hex and 10-pc SAE Hex are also there for your convenience. Other accessories include 6-pc tamper proof SAE Hex, Square, 4-pc Spanner, 3-pc Torq, 4-pc Tri-Wing. You may also use the 3-pc Clutch, 3-pc Spline, 1 Wingnut driver, 1 Magnetic bit holder, 3pc Drive socket adapter for your maximum comfort as there would be less mess.

The set is a decent one for the price but cannot be referred as the top one because it is not stainless. There might be stains after some time of usage as well. However, the precision bits and corrosion resistant items definitely help you in performing your task easily. It comes with a case as well.

Get the best cheap tool sets with 100-pieces and perform all your small tasks at home. Share with your buddies so they buy it as well.

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