Top 5 Cheap Hair Clippers Under $50 in 2018

Hair clippers have made it possible to give you the same great salon look without having to shell out a whole lot of money. These inexpensive and high performance clippers allow you to cut, trim, and maintain your look, and all from the comfort of your own home. The ease of use and many options that you can get packed right in gives you everything the professionals use, and the best part is, is you can do it yourself.

If you’re looking for a new set of clippers there are many things to consider before making your next purchase such as the motor, plenty of length options, adjustable setting, durable guide combs, interchangeable accessories, storage kit, rounded blades to prevent nicks and scratches, and so much more. To make your buying decision much easier we have done all of the hard work for you and detailed the best of the best this year while taking into account of budget.

The following review Top 5 Cheap Hair Clippers Under $50 in 2018 without trading in performance for value.

1. Wahl Chrome Pro 24 pc Haircut Kit – 10.0

The Wahl Chrome Pro series give you everything you need in a complete kit which will give you the opportunity to get pro level results in an easy to use and highly durable clipper set. This 24-piece kit is perfect for whole body grooming and not just cutting hair. This set comes highly recommended and have been used by swimmers, cyclists, athletes, and those looking for maintain a neat, clean cut.

The 24-piece set includes the chrome multi-use clippers, comb, blade guard, scissors, cleaning brush, storage case, 11 guide combs and much more. The Wahl Chrome Pro is powerful enough for the cutting through even the thickest of hair while precise enough for subtle, detailed trims.

2. Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit – 9.8

This Elite Pro clipper set is a step up from the one above and gives you a superior men’s clipper set which was made to last. This highly durable, lightweight and pro level clipper kit gives you the best chance of getting the highest performance, just like the pros. The powerful and durable motor is the best that Wahl’s introduced and comes with a lifetime superior performance motor.

The highlight feature lies in the blades which are self-sharpening and will remain as sharp as when you took them out of the box for many years to come. The Secure Fit easy comb guides give you a smooth, easy haircut without the nicks and scratches which is seen with most other hair clipper sets.

3. Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper Set – 9.8

This Philips Norelco clipper set comes in competitively priced which is well below other sets within the same performance range. Coming in around $25 you get the whole package which includes the cordless clippers which gives you up to 2-hours of continuous use after only charging for one hour.

Complete with a Li-ion battery, titanium self-sharpening blades, 23 adjustable setting built right in, 1 adjustable comb. The highlight is Philips’s patented Dual Cut Technology which doubles the speed while also significantly reducing friction which typically causes nicks and scratches.

Philips Norelco Hair Clipper series 7100, Model # HC7452/41
List Price: $39.91
Price: $38.99
You Save: $0.92
Price Disclaimer

4. Wahl Home Barber Kit – 9.6

This home barber kit from Wahl is the highest performing model in this review and comes with a 30-piece accessory kit which customizes everyone’s experience. This barber performance kit gives you a high precision and highly durable clipper kit which comes packed in a stylish case which makes it highly portable.

The kit includes the multi-cut clippers with high carbon steel blades along with two cordless trimmers for touch up and personal use along with 2 interchangeable heads. All this and the price is still under $50 which proves that you can get a whole lot more, for a whole lot less. It’ll cost you more than this for one trip to the salon which proves this is a much better alternative without the inconvenience sitting and waiting for the same experience.

5. HC5850 Virtually Indestructible Haircut and Beard Trimmer Hair Clippers – 9.5

Remington introduced this virtually indestructible clipper set which doubles as a facial trimmer as well. For under $30 you get the complete package which includes the clippers and everything you need to get pro level results. This 15-piece kit includes barber quality scissors, 15 hair guides, oil bottle, cap, cleaning brush, blade guard, and a rugged and durable storage case.

Highlight features include the Super Magnet Motor which cuts through even the thickest of hair with precise results. The POWERCUT blade system gives you a clean cut and ultra-smooth finish which means you’ll be spending a lot less time clipping then most other models out there.

If there’s anything we’ve forgotten feel free to ask any question in the comment section below or share your experience with your recent cheap hair clippers under $50 purchase with the rest of the community.

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