Top 5 Girls Luggage Sets Under $100 in 2018

Traveling is not only the thing of men. It’s not like that men love traveling and women simply don’t like to travel. Women definitely love to travel. But having a good luggage set on travel is going to make your trip perfect.

How? Well, nobody wants a mess on a good calm holiday. We all want to chill and relax rather than messing up with luggage and frustrating ourselves. If you and your girl are thinking of spending a holiday somewhere, then welcome aboard, you have reached the right place.

The following review will tell you regarding the top 5 girl’s luggage sets under $100 in 2018.

1. Kids Luggage – iPlay, iLearn Girl’s Luggage Set 18-Inch Luggage 14 Inch Backpack – 9.8

iPlay, iLearn Girl’s Luggage Set includes a high-quality 18-inch wheeled suitcase and a 14-inch matching backpack. This set has a hard shell protection and is very light in weight, weighing around 6.4 pounds, making it easier for little girls to push around. The hard plastic protects the bad from any possible damage to it and the luggage kept inside. There is a removable protect film on the luggage and bag to prevent scratches.

This set is perfect for taking it on weekend trips or to the sleepovers or as a handheld luggage on an airplane. There are cartoons drawn over it which attracts the kids, especially girls and also widens their imagination and makes them more creative. The trolley has a locking telescopic trolley handle feature which makes it easier for the girls to pull along.

Specs and Features

  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 12.7 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Hard Plastic covering
  • Set includes 18 wheelie suitcase and a matching backpack.
  • Locking Telescopic Trolley Handle Makes it Easy for Kids to Pull Along.
  • Removable protection film

2. Goplus® 2Pc Kids Luggage Set – 9.7

Goplus has designed a very stylish bag for little girls. It’s pink in color with dolls printed on it. This bag is not just good in its looks, it is also very good for taking it on long journeys or to schools. This luggage set includes a 16-inch trolley suitcase and a 12-inch backpack. The trolley has multi-directional, rotating wheels and the backpack have straps which make it easier for the kids to carry it and push it around. Even though this bag has a hard shell which makes it durable, it is also very light weighed.

This luggage set is very easy to assemble and the kids can use it very easily and comfortably. You can clean the bags very easily as well. You can carry a lot of luggage in the bags as the main compartment is very spacious. The telescopic handles allow the bags to be pushed around very smoothly and comfortably. These bags can be used for long journeys as well as small trips.

3. Heys America My Little Pony Kids 2 Pc Luggage Set – 9.6 B01M59TATP

Heys America’s My Little Pony is specially designed for girls. It has a high-quality polycarbonate composition and has a hard shell. The luggage set includes an 18-inch luggage, weighing around 3.2lbs and a 12-inch backpack that weighs only 1.0lb. The hard covering makes the bags durable and sturdy. As these bags are very spacious, more luggage can be carried on it. The trolley bag is light weighted and has wheels so it is very easy for kids to push it around wherever they want.

To make this luggage set look more attractive and interesting, the designer has added a little more to the bag; My Little Pony’s cartoon. The pink color and the cartoons drawn over the bag attracts the girls towards it. It also makes their imagination more vivid. The handles are curved and very low, according to the child’s height, so they can easily carry it or push it around.

4. DH 2-Piece Pretty Girls Polka Dot Themed Luggage Set, Pink Dots Rolling Carry On Bag – 9.5

The DH 2-Piece Pretty Girls Polka Dot Themed Luggage Set, Pink Dots Rolling Carry On Bag is a great carry on bag for girls. It has an inline skates wheel system for smooth and comfortable transportability. The bags include two front full-size zipper-secured pockets as well so that you can carry extra items as well. The Carry-on upright measures 19 inches high x 13 inches wide x 8 inches. It is further expandable to 10 inches deep as well. The weight of the bag is almost 6 pounds.

The company also offers a Flight tote bag with this carry on which measures 14 inches wide x 11 inches high x 5.5 inches deep. This 2-piece pretty and beautifully designed pink-colored set is going to be the best for your sweet little girl. The best part is that the company gives a complementary Exclusive Diamond Home E-book as well.

5. Olympia Let’s Travel’ 2 Piece Carry-on Collection (Butterfly) – 9.3

The Olympia Let’s Travel’ 2 Piece Carry-on Collection (Butterfly) is also a great 2-piece bag which is imported and has been made out of 100% polyester. Few people have said that this carry on bag is simply super amazing for all their carrying needs. Olympia cares for your comfort which is why there is a retractable push-button handle system as well.

The dimensions of the big bag are 21 in. H x 14 in. W x 8 in. D and it is further expandable up to 10 inches deep. It weighs nearly 6 and a half pounds. The travel tote is also there which measures 14 in. W x 11 in. H x 5.5 in. D and has a weight of as low as 1 lbs. Also, there is a self-locking system which gives you the maximum security as well.

If your girl is looking for the right carry-on bag and you are looking for an economical choice, congratulations. We hope we have solved your problem. Do comment below regarding your feedback.

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