There are so many different types of hoses in the marketplace that it will likely be hard to choose one. The same is true of the expandable garden hoses which are increasing in popularity. These hoses are expandable, which means they possess the ability to expand their length when working and then revert back to their old form when the water is off.

Two key considerations when picking an expandable hose is the length and durability. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best garden hoses on the market.

In your efforts to maintain a healthy and green garden, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of stumbling over a twisted hose more than a few times. One of these versatile and expandable designs can help minimize that problem. They are more light and portable and practical than standard rubberized editions and are often stronger, as well. In addition they take up much less storage space as well!






Where to Buy


Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

Enjoy gardening again with the space saving, amazing growgreenTM expandable hose! watch the innovative expandable hose design grow before your very eyes as the tubing fills with water and extends to nearly three times its size.


TruTec Expandable Hose

Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister Vacuum

Our expandable hoses are light weight while still being strong and substantial and they are engineered to avoid tangles and kinks. Perfect for watering without dragging a heavy hose behind you. Our expanding hose is made from premium quality materials making it the strongest hose you will ever buy.


Expandable Magic Hose Stretch Hosepipe by KingTop

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)

Updated Expanding 100ft Magic Hose Pipe with Leak-Resistant connection and Crush-Resistant anti-rust metal fittings. Proved to be used at least 1000-1500 Times under 6.0 kgs water pressure, while other hose pipes can only used 500-600 Times.


Amzdeal Expandable Garden Hose

Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift-Away (NV552)

SPACE-EFFICIENT – The garden hose is flexible. When water flow entering the hose, it will expand from 16 Feet up to 50 Feet, after water is released it will shrink back to its original size for space saving and easy storage.


Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV352)

MAKE YOUR WATERING SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT with the Hospaip water hose: we designed and manufactured the hose used only high-quality, sturdy, modern materials, made it quite functional, lightweight, flexible and long enough to make it easy and convenient for maneuvering around the garden, even when full of water.



5.      GrowGreen – 8.5

This expandable hose is perfect for those of you with a large yard. It starts out at 33 ft and expands to a whopping 100 ft when in use. Don’t worry though, because you will not have to deal with it getting tangled too easily. Another important feature of it is that it has Brass connectors. Brass is one of the most common materials used for water hose accessories due to its ability to last through changes in climate and its overall durability.

It is available in four different sizes ranging from 25 to 100 feet and also comes in an attractive bright green color that blends in well with most garden and yard areas. However, a few incidents of leakage have been reported so be sure to test it well before its 1-year warranty ends.

4.      TruTec Expandable Hose – 8.2

This is one of the strongest hoses in the market due to its exclusive multiple layer latex cores to prevent breaking or exploding. It is assured that it won’t combine, kink or twist. It is also has a powerful weaved smooth outer covering which makes sure there are no breaks or splits in the long run.

Its 25ft, and also comes with a hose holder made of stainless steel and is flexible enough to support water spigots in all directions. While working, it doesn’t slip and continues cleaning the target area.

Some believe that it’s a bit pricey product as its size is small but its features and durability make it worth the investment. Overall, if you’re looking for a comparatively small yet efficient hose, this is the one for you.

3.      Expandable Magic Hose Stretch Hosepipe by KingTop – 9.0

It is called a magic hose for a reason – because of its many features that will impress you! Not only is it leak resistant because of its brass connection, but also has anti-rusting properties and a dual latex layer, shielding it from all sorts of wear and tear. The on and off valve setting has also been introduced for the user’s convenience. Its very light and expands to a solid 100 ft length and collapses magically when not in use.

The Magic Hose is very strong and the proof of that is that it has been tested for regular use up 1500 times under extreme water pressure before it showed signs of wear and tear. Other hoses are typically only tested up to 500 uses at the most. You can also wrap it around a traditional garden hose reel for easier storage.

2.      Amzdeal Expandable Garden Hose – 9

This is a very useful tool to have around the house. With its brass fittings, 7 different nozzles and a one year warranty, its low price is one it’s most attractive features. The owners have designed it to include 7 different spray settings along with a spray misting nozzle. The 7 patterns include Flat, Spool, Full, Mist, Jet, Bath and Center. These different modes make this standard water hose perfect for various activities like cleaning cars and watering plants.

Its handy features include a flow control knob. By spinning its water control knob, you can adjust the circulation rate and standard water pressure for each spray mode. Simply moving the knob will change the flow from a high pressured current to a slow one. The standard water hose and the misting nozzle have been made from the highest-quality ABS and Latex, so it’s sturdy and robust as well.

1.      Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose – 9.5

The top position is taken by the Hospaip garden hose which although is smaller in size (50 ft) than some, it makes up for it with all of its new and improved features. The Hospaip hose will surely be a delight in all your water-related tasks. It is made up of high quality and leak-proof material which helps extend its long life.. A polyester layer is applied on the top layer providing more protection and smooth expansion of the hose.

It even comes with 8 patterned spray nozzles which allow you to shift modes according to your task. Whether it’s washing your dog or cleaning and filling your pool, both can easily be done with a simple change of nozzles. It’s extremely convenient and even comes with a storage bag to help save space! Apart from its extra features, it also contains all the features already present in the other models such as its brass fittings, flexible design and lasting durability and strength. It also collapses to just 17 ft when not in use.


After a lot of research, we have presented you the best of the best in the expandable hoses in the current market. These expandable hoses will definitely make managing your yard and garden a bit easier as well as take up less space when not in use. You may want to conduct your own search but we are pretty sure these will make your list as well! We made sure to put in ratings, reviews and even the pros and cons of each product to avoid any biases and keep everything as clear as possible. We hope this list helps you find your perfect expandable hose. Happy gardening!

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