Top 5 Electric Airsoft Rifles Under $100 in 2018

If you are the one who is interested in shooting and combat, you should be first trained on how to use a gun. This is made possible through airsoft guns. In case you have crossed that stage, you should be further proceeding towards an airsoft rifle which is slightly on the professional level.

Airsoft rifles are complicated than guns but they add up to your skill level and increase how sharply you take an aim. These rifles are great for outdoor usage and field practice as well. Getting these rifles is as easy as a.b.c because you have a choice of many.

However, we have brought you the top 5 airsoft rifles at a nominal price of $100 in 2018.

1. BBTac BT-M82 Airsoft Gun Fully Automatic Electric Rifle – 9.9

BBTac BT-M82 airsoft gun fully automatic electric rifle comes up with a heavy weight which makes it more realistic and sturdy. Its motor is driven by 7.2 Ni-CD with the availability of rechargeable battery. It has an adjustable red dot sight. It shoots at 200-250 FPS approximately with a semi auto or full auto feature. This rifle fires round 6mm plastic pellets.

For more comfort, it has a flashlight and an adjustable hop-up system. Moreover, it has a foldable stock and its weight is only 5 pounds. The benefit of this airsoft rifle is that players can safely play, train, or simulate with the gun without fearing serious injury. The airsoft rifle feels and looks just like a real SG 552 and its functions are same as SG-552.

Customers said that they had an overall good experience with this rifle as it performed in an exceptional way with barely any jamming issues. Keep a rifle maintained and it will never cause you a bother.

Specs and features

  • Speed: 200-250 feet per second
  • 3 different modes
  • 6 mm elastic pellets
  • Weight is 5 pounds only
  • Looks like real SG 552

2. BBTac M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun with Warranty – 9.8

The BBTac M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun with Warranty is a great rifle which comes with 6 additional magazines. You will never run out of pellets or BBs if you have 6 extra magazines. The maximum speed of this rifle is 200-250 feet per second with 0.12 gram BBs. It comes with 7.2-volt battery and a charger as well. Working on three different modes of semi-automatic, fully automatic, and safety mode, you get the best rifle for a low price.

Other accessories include a flashlight, red dot scope, sling, and barrel extension as well. It can be considered as a good one for field training or simple backyard wars. However, it is considered to be slightly dangerous which is why it is not allowed to be shipped into New York or Manhattan. However, other users can surely enjoy all the possible benefits of this gun without any problems.

3. Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle – 9.6

The Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle is a good rifle and is basically a replica of the X36 airsoft rifle. It is completely electronic and comes with a battery and charger as well. It has a maximum speed of 250 feet per second with 0.12grams 6mm BBs. It can be a great rifle for several different types of shooting areas such as backyard shooting, ground firing, field firing and much more. It comes with a magazine which has a 50-round capacity.

The maximum rounds which can be used in one minute are 500. The battery is 7.2Volts 700maH. The entire package includes battery & charger, adjustable electric Red Cross sight, mock silencer, safety glasses, sling, airsoft tools, and a few BBs. However, you cannot get this rifle here in the city that never sleeps. It does come with a 30-day limited warranty so that you have a relaxed mind while your purchase.

Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle
List Price: $61.54
Price: $54.94
You Save: $6.60
Price Disclaimer

4. BBTac BT-022 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle Full Size Automatic – 9.6

The BBTac BT-022 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle Full Size Automatic is basically a 1/1 scale airsoft rifle which is fully automatic and can be a great one for not only the beginners but also for those who have some initial knowledge on rifle shots. It has three different types of actions. One is semi-auto which depends upon how fast you pull the trigger. The second is automatic in which the gun performs with just one push to the trigger. The safe mode keeps you safe with slower shots.

Coming with an adjustable hop technology, you get the best accuracy and a ready-to-play package in your hand. It comes with several BBs as well so that you just receive the package and start training yourself. The overall construction of the gun is plastic and is designed to withstand basic gameplay.

5. BBTac M83 Airsoft Gun Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun 250 Fps – 9.5

The BBTac M83 Airsoft Gun Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun 250 Fps is again a great entry level airsoft rifle. It provides you with all the accessories which are essential for a beginner. It comes with 10,000 BBs so that you don’t have to buy any extra. The pellets color is chosen at random from 4 different colors of blue, orange, white, and yellow.

Having a maximum speed of 200-250 feet per second, it comes with a high powered battery which gives you the perfect automatic shooting system. Having a high-grade electric motor, it gives the user the best shooting experience. The 7.2V battery and charger are included in the package. You can use this airsoft rifle in three different modes of semi, Full Automatic and Safe Mode. The maximum capacity is 40 rounds. It includes all the different tactical accessories to help you get started.

Getting a good airsoft rifle is difficult because several companies claim they give you the best but that is not the case. Have the best airsoft rifles with the open choice and recommend to fellow friends as well.

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