Top 5 Cheap Booster Seats Under $50

If you’re in the market for a child booster seat there are many things to consider before you make your purchase. Safety should always be your #1 concern, and if you have a child who has outgrown their car seat, is over 40 pounds, or if he/she is over the age of 4 then the time to make the switch from car seat to booster is now. According to one report, more than 94% of all parent’s skip child booster seats all-together, but don’t be one of the many who have made this fatal mistake.

Booster seats are specifically designed to position the vehicle’s shoulder harness and lap belt correctly on your child’s torso. Without it, the seat belts do not properly fit over the torso making it less safe and can cause serious injury to parts of the body such as the abdomen, chest, neck and back during a crash. While this isn’t all-inclusive to all situations, booster seats minimize any risk of injury to your child and should always be considered for children from 4 – 8 years of age.

The following review details the Top 5 Cheap Booster Seats Under $50 along with all the reasons why they’re considered the best of the best this year.

Where to Buy

Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic

Big Kid LX High Back Booster, Static Black

Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat, Galaxy

Graco TurboBooster Highback Booster Seat, Go Green

Evenflo AMP High Back Car Seat Booster, Pink Angles