Top 5 Cheap Cat Trees Under $50 for 2021

A pet such as a cat requires extreme care, attention, and focus just like that of a toddler or an infant baby. This ultimately means that you would have to provide cats with same kinds of activities, toys and other stuff which you would provide to your toddler for his growth and adaptation of surrounding environment.

Cat Activity trees are one of the most common measures of providing cats with entertainment. You can call these activity trees as toys which have mice, pole, and a strong material is used in the construction of these cat activity trees because many cats can get aggressive and try to hunt down the fake mice attached to the pole.

In the review below, we will talk regarding the Top 5 Cheap Cat Trees which you could be getting for under a price tag of $50 in 2021.

1. Tangkula Cat Activity Tree – 10.0

Tangkula Cat Activity Tree has a soft flannelette cushion, a sisal rope, and an MDF board. Cats use these activity trees as a playing material. They climb up and down on this tree and scratch the sisal pole. This tree has a mouse attached to it so the cats can play with the mouse. The rope that attaches the mouse with the tree is really strong so it would not break even if it’s pulled hard by the cat.

The cats love the soft cushion that they even sleep on it comfortably. Activity trees are very important for the cats as it provides an activity for them, which keeps them healthy and active. Many cats who do not like to play around or have a bad health feel much active and better when they play with this tree.

Specifications and Features

  • 2 scratching post covered by sisal rope
  • 1 toy mouse for cat to play with
  • 2 Perch and 1 Cave
  • Covered With Polyester Wool Cloth
  • Size : 18.0 x 13.5 x 27.5
  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Easy To Assemble With Step By Step Instruction And Tools

2. Go Pet Club Cat Activity Tree- 9.8

Go Pet Club Cat Activity Tree is 52 inches in size and has 3 posts covered with sisal rope. It is made of faux fur and wood. The material is very comfortable for your cat; it would love to sit/ sleep and play on it all day long. There are 2 mice attached to the pole as well with which the cats can play or wrestle. It is strongly attached so it never comes off even if they pull it hardly.

This is a great product for your cat as its good for their health and they can play with it whenever they want to. They can scratch the pole as much as they want and satisfy themselves. The activity trees keep the cats fit and active as they keep climbing up and down ad play with the mice as well.

3. Ollieroo Cat Activity Tree – 9.6

This activity tree is made of faux fur and is wrapped I soft plush fabric. It also has a sisal rope covered pole and a pom pom toy attached with a strong string. Ollieroo Cat Activity Tree is made for all types of cats, especially for kittens and small breed cats; It’s 14″ x 14″ x 17.4″ in size and the top perch has a diameter of 11.5 inches. The setup is very easy and it comes with assembly instructions and tools.

This is one of the best activity trees for your cats. Your cat can play around in this tree, climb up and down and scratch the pole as much as it wants. It can even play or wrestle with the small furry pom pom toy. The activity trees release the cat’s stress and keep it fit and active; its health improves a lot as the cat can exercise.

4. Ollieroo Multi-Level Cat Activity Tree   – 9.5

Ollieroo has designed another activity tree for cats which is extremely comfy and great for your cats. It is multi-Leveled and spacious. There are 5 tiers stairs and a scratching post at every step. A small seat exists on the top with the diameter of 11″ and it is great for cats curling or napping. The steps are also very spacious so they cats can sit on them comfortably.

Your cat will love this tree as they can scratch as much as they want, climb, sleep, and exercise. This will keep them fit and active and will also improve their health. They will spend more time on the tree and stay away from your furniture; keeping the floors and furniture protected. The tree is also easy to store and transport from one place to another.

5. Pillar Cat Activity Tree – 9.5

Pillar Cat Activity Tree is a product of Trixie Pet Products. It is made to be very comfortable for the cats and they can enjoy their time by playing with this tree. It is covered with soft plush and has scratching posts wrapped in natural sisal ropes. The condo is lined with fleece and plush to provide comfort and the cats love to sit on soft smooth surfaces. The platform has extra padding and also includes a backrest.

This activity tree is really good for your cats as they get to do a lot of exercises, play around as much as they want, relax and scratch to sharpen their nails. This keeps them fit and active as well as they move around and play a lot. The pom pom toy makes it more fun for them. They can rest up on the platform comfortably whenever they want.

TRIXIE Pet Products Pilar Cat Tree
Price: $63.97
Price Disclaimer

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